List Of Best Quality Tyres To Buy In Kenya

Most of us don’t give much thought to the quality of our tyres, many just buy tyres because they are in a tyre store or maybe because they are cheap or generally make the car move.

A good quality and well-maintained tyre can contribute greatly to your safety, increased fuel economy, better handling in all road conditions as well as be providing greater comfort. Quality tyres won’t have any problems even when you are driving your family upcountry on rough roads or maybe when you go for your frequent long trips to one of your parcels of land, a far away friend meetup or a weekend road trip.

Quality might be a little bit expensive but at least you can be sure you can’t find yourself in the middle of the road at midnight with either a flat tyre, a cracked tyre, a bulged tyre, or an incorrectly aligned tyre if you go for quality over cheapness.

Walking into a tyre showroom in Kenya to look for some quality tyres can be an overwhelming experience with literally hundreds of tyre brands available, in a wide range of styles, composition and price; then choosing the right and best quality tyre for your car may seem daunting, but here is a list of the best quality tyres to buy in Kenya that will sort you out just right.

1.Yana Tyres

2.Bridgestone Tyres

3.Michelin Tyres

4.Goodyear Tyres

5.Pirelli Tyres

6.Apollo Tyres

7.Maxxis Tyres

8.Dunlop Tyres

9.Goodrich Tyres

10.GT tyres

John Nyabuto

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