List of Best Saccos to Join in Kenya

No doubt that Saccos are becoming the best places to save and buying of shares in Kenya. However, finding the best saccos in Kenya can be a task. Did you know you can join a Sacco in Kenya and be given 5 times the amount saved?  Yes, you can! In fact, this can allow you to expand your business with a very good Capital base and low interest.

Today, we list some of the best managed and performing saccos in Kenya

1. Stima Sacco 

2. Harambee Sacco 

3. United Nations Sacco

4. Bankers Sacco 

5. Kenya Police Sacco 

6.United Women Sacco

7. Kenya Medical Association Sacco

8.Hazina Sacco Society

9. Mentor Sacco Society

10.Mwalimu National Sacco

Victor Matara

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