List Of Best Sanitary Waste Disposal Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best sanitary waste disposal companies in Kenya. It is a legal requirement for all commercial premises to have sanitary waste disposal facilities. The wastes need to be collected regularly and disposed of properly.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best sanitary waste disposal companies in Kenya

1. GM Cleaning Services

GM Cleaning offers professional and customised sanitary bin services in Nairobi (sanitary bin disposal services) and other hygiene products at affordable costs.

Contacts: 0721 979 781, 0786 253 639.

2. Imagine Care

Imagine Care provides clean and sanitised sanitary bins and installs them in your facility. The bins are collected regularly and disposed in the safest and most hygienic manner.

Contacts: 0737 898 884, 0742 448 334.

3. Initial Hygiene Kenya

The company provides sanitary bins that contain anti-bacterial technology and are the most hygienic solution for the disposal of sanitary wastes, helping to prevent the spread of harmful germs in your workplace.

Contacts: 0703 055 616, 0703 055 777.

4. Sylvie Cleaning Services

The company provides sanitary bins and sanitary disposal services to suit all your feminine hygiene disposal requirements.

Contacts: 0726 933 261, 0784 933 261.

5. Titossy Cleaning Services

It is a leading cleaning company that offers sanitary bin collection and disposal services in Nairobi.

Contacts: 0790 525 295, 0715 353 113.

6. Colnet Limited

Colnet Limited offers a discreet and convenient method to safely and hygienically dispose of sanitary waste.

Contact: 0721 566 140.

7. Ella Cleaning

Ella Cleaning is one of the best sanitary waste disposal companies in Kenya. The company disposes of sanitary waste in a safe and environmentally conscious way, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis.

Contacts: 0725 803 308, 0726 480 204.

8. One Way Cleaning Services

It is one of Kenya’s leading specialist waste service providers, treatment of human hygiene waste including sanitary, nappy and incontinence waste.

Contacts: 0772 124 637, 0705 277 458.

9. Rafik Pest Control

The company sells and also offers sanitary bins services which include installing the bins and collecting them at a regular time agreed upon.

Contacts: 0717 819 204, 0750 642 003.

10. Bestcare Cleaning Services

Bestcare is one of the leading sanitary waste disposal companies in Nairobi. It also provides a range of feminine hygiene sanitary bins, both standard and bio.

Contact: 0722 566 999.

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