List Of Best Schools For Children With Special Needs In Kenya

This is a list of best schools for children with special needs in Kenya. Children with special needs are those who require special attention and necessities due to disabilities such as physical, mental, speech and language impairment. They require special attention and care to enable them to cope with day to day activities.

Here is a list of some of the best schools for children with special needs in Kenya.

1. Heshima Children’s Centre

The centre was established to meet the needs of children with disabilities and deformities. It provides medical intervention, special education and various therapy sessions for special needs children.

Location: About 1 kilometre from Lenana School

Contacts: +254 732 489 085


2. Fairmile Special School

The school caters for the special needs of children developmental and learning challenges. It offers various academic and social therapy lessons for such children.

Location: Waiyaki Way, Sodom Bus Stop, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 721 699 844, +254 020 520 541

3. Nile Road Special School

It one of the best schools in Kenya for children with special needs. It mainly accommodates children with physical and mental disorders.

Location: Off Jogoo Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 700 896 476

4. Treeside Special School

Location: Kasarani Estate, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 721 139 585, +254 711 751 271


5. Jacaranda Special School

It is a public day primary school for children with special needs such as autism and celebrate palsy.

Location: Kilimani, Nairobi

6. Autism School International

It is a comprehensive special-needs training centre for children with autism and other respective learning disabilities.

Location: Ngoingwa, Thika

Contacts: +254 721 282 123

7. Kenya Community Centre For Learning

It is a community school that provides alternative education for students with diverse learning challenges, for those aged between 6 and 21.

Location: Behind Thika Road Mall.

Contacts: +254 721 324 894

8. Acorn Special Tutorials

Location: Acorn Special Tutorials Centre, Muhuri Road, Dagoretti

Contacts: +254 725 959 137


9. St Geralds Centre For Children With Autism

It is a day and boarding centre that caters for the needs of children living with autism.

Location: Tigoni, Next to Nazareth Hospital

Contacts: +254 706 350 180


10. Port Reitz Special School

Location: Along Old Port Reitz Road, Opposite the School of Clinical Medicine

Contacts: +254 728 294 578, +254 734 522 421


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