List of Best Script Writers in Kenya

Kenya  is full of wannabe scriptwriters who dream of selling their stories for money. However, only the select few can command multi-million dollar fees for their screenplays. A screenplay is the root of a movie. It is one of the first components, and also one of the most vital part of the filmmaking journey. Hence, the role of screenwriters is paramount in the process of filmmaking. Our Kenyan industry is blessed to have some of the most original writers, who have presented us with some daring, heartbreaking, haunting, and even enjoyable stories on our television.

Frankly, there is a lot to choose from. Plus, screenwriting is a very tricky thing. There’s screenwriting in terms of good, authentic and snappy dialogue. Then there’s commercial screenwriting, which is its own beast. Here, we try to list down writers who have made the form an art in itself.

In no any particular order, here’s our list of  best screenwriters in Kenya at the moment.

1. Potash Charles Matathia

2. Abel Mutua

3. Terrence Mwangi.

4. Waithaka Mukuria.

5.Judy Kibinge

6.Wanuri Kahiu

7. Billy Kahora.

8.David Tosh Gitonga

9.Jinna Mutune

10. Yafesi Musoke.

11.Jinna Mutune

12.Eddie Butita.

13. Charles “Potash” Matathia’

14. Victor Gatonye

15.Lily Joan Wanjiku.

16. Francis Kibe alias Rapcha Sayantist.

17. Likarion Wainaina

18. Victor Ber.

19. Lawrence Murage 

Victor Matara

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