List Of Best Sofa Cleaning Services In Nairobi

This is a list of the best sofa cleaning services in Nairobi. The list focuses on companies that provide excellent and affordable sofa cleaning services that preserve the beauty of your sofas and prolong their lifespan.

Here is a list of the best sofa cleaning services in Nairobi.

1. Green Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Care

Green Carpet Cleaning provides home and office sofa cleaning services in Nairobi. Their sofa cleaning services include pre-treating, stain and spot removal systems, steam cleaning, extract and deodorising.

Contact: 0792 293 443.

2. Imagine Care

Imagine Care is an award-winning cleaning company that offers quick and efficient sofa cleaning services at affordable costs.

Contacts: 0789 231 328, 0737 898 884.

3. Abudizo Cleaning Services

Sofa cleaning services offered by the company make use of effective extraction machinery penetrating entrenched dirt, stains and even bacteria.

Contact: 0729 639 216.

4. GM Cleaning Services

GM sofa set cleaning services is an affordable doorstep high-quality furniture cleaning that saves you time and provides you with a longer lifespan of your couch and other furniture.

Contacts: 0721 979 781, 0731 593 377.

5. Jubilant Cleaning Services

The company’s sofa set cleaning services gives your sofa sets a fresh new look and prolongs the sofa’s lifespan. The cleaning services are offered at affordable rates.

Contacts: 0725 969 121, 0738 969 121.

6. Jasban Cleaning

They provide expert sofa set cleaning services and upholstery cleaning using modern equipment and techniques to homes, offices, hotels, churches and many more.

Contact: 0796 021 733.

7. Infinite Cleaners

Infinite Cleaners provide excellent upholstery cleaning services all through Nairobi. The cleaning services ensure that embedded dirt and ground-in grit is fully extracted from upholstery fibers to enhance your furniture’s longevity.

Contacts: 0727 775 632, 0722 629 561.

8. Sylvie Intercleaning Company

The company offers specialised sofa cleaning services that ensure your expensive furniture is taken care of with fine detail to remove all possible dirt and stains.

Contacts: 0726 933 261, 0784 933 261.

9. Maident Cleaning Services

The company offers the best and most satisfactory sofa cleaning services that guarantee the removal of dirt, dust and stubborn stains. Their services are affordable to all.

Contact: 0798 215 084.

10. Isamado Homecare

Isamado Homecare is the best choice for sofa set cleaning, dining seat cleaning and other furniture upholstery cleaning for homes and institutions. The company will clean your upholstery by getting rid of dirt, stains and odour while protecting your furniture’s fabric.

Contacts: 0702 300 300, 0721 559 068.

11. Agile Pest and Cleaning

Location: Mweya Plaza, 1st Floor, Savanna Road, Donholm.

Contact: 0726 473 074.


12. Solcity Cleaning Services

The company provides an array of sofa cleaning services including; Sofas, Couches, Recliners, Sofa cum Beds, loveseats among others.

Location: 7th Floor Coffee Plaza Nairobi CBD

Contact: 0705 459 105


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