List Of Best Student Hostels In Nairobi

This is a list of the best student hostels in Nairobi. Most universities and colleges in Kenya offer on-campus accommodation on a competitive basis. Many end up missing the opportunity and are forced to seek for accommodation outside the school premises.

This article will help you save on time by listing the best private student hostels in Nairobi.

Here is a list of the best student hostels in Nairobi

1. Qwetu

Qwetu residences are home to more than 4300 students from over 128 colleges and universities in Nairobi. With over 7 residences currently operational, Qwetu is the most preferred student accommodation in Nairobi.

The residences are located in Ruaraka, Jogoo Road, Wilson View, Parklands, Aberdare Heights, Karen and Hurlingham.

Contacts: 0730 850 000, 0800 730 333.

2. Elite Hostels

Elite Hostels are the finest hostels in Nairobi. They offer a spacious oasis of peace and tranquillity. They feature single big rooms, single small rooms, single medium rooms, 2 shared rooms and 4 sharing rooms.

The hostels are located in Ongata Rongai, near African Nazarene University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Multimedia University, Kenya School of Law, Aviation College and Marist International University.

Contact: 0707 213 055.

3. Young Women’s Christian Association Hostel (YWCA) 

YWCA provides accommodation for students and young professionals looking for secure and strategically located hostels in Nairobi. The headquarters/ main hostels are located on Mamlaka Road.

Contacts: 020 272 4789, 020 802 6568.

4. Pink Roses Garden Hostels

The hostels are located along Mtelo Road, close to JKIA, off Mombasa Road, Lang’ata Road and Wilson Airport. They provide accommodation with a shared lounge, pool table, free parking and free WiFi.

Contact: 0723 317 677.

5. New Executive Ladies Hostels

The hostels are located on 1st Parklands Avenue. They are very clean & quite affordable and are convenient for students studying at Kenyatta University and UON law campuses.

Contact: 0715 507 519.

6. Royal Palm Executive Hostel

The hostel is located next to Globe Cinema Roundabout, Parsonic Building, Kirinyaga Road. It is the ideal destination for female students and women seeking affordable, neat and secure accommodation.

Contact: 0721 240 613.

7. New Mawingu Ladies Hostels

It is an exclusively ladies’ hostel that offers student-friendly accommodation from as low as Kshs 6,500. Breakfast and dinner is provided during weekdays and all three meals are on weekends and public holidays.

Contact: 0703 214 879.

8. Latemi Hostels

They have two hostels, one for men and the other for women. The hostels mainly cater for college and university students and offer special rates for students on a long-term stay. The men’s hostels are located in South C while the female hostels in Nairobi West.

Contacts: 0722 929 460, 0715 393 480.

9. Soniri Hostels

Soniri Hostels are one of the best hostels in town. They are home to a number of students from a number of colleges and universities. The hostels are located in South C.

Contact: 0725 733 712.

10. DEFOCA Mukuru Studyville

DEFOCA is the ultimate university accommodation centre. The centre seeks to provide high-quality residential accommodation for students from public and private universities in Kenya, in an atmosphere of trust, mutual cooperation and care.

The centre is located next to Madaraka Shopping Centre, off Ole Sangale Road.

Contacts: 0714 371 811, 0738 038 456.


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