List Of Best Therapists In Nairobi

This is a list of the best therapists in Nairobi. Therapists are professionals who provide treatment and support for mental, emotional, cognitive and behavioural disorders. They tackle issues or challenges that may arise as a result of depression, effects of bereavement, anxiety, stress, relationship/couple issues, emotional connection, parenting and many more.

Here is a list of the best therapists in Nairobi.

1. Tasreen Keshavjee

Tasreen Keshavjee is a professional therapist who uses a number of conventional and advanced psychotherapeutic tools to get the results she wants. Her holistic approach encompasses psychodynamic, emotional, social, intuitive, person-centred and transpersonal therapy.

Location: Peponi Road, Westlands.

Contact: 0722 786 841.


2. Rachael Mbugwa

Rachael Mbugwa is a passionate and professional therapist, psychologist and mental health expert.

Location: Prof George Saitoti Road, Next to Kipro Centre, Westlands.

Contacts: 0701 212 805, 0728 284 187.

3. Wendy De Macker

Wendy De Macker is the founder of Vizazi, a firm offering counselling and therapy sessions. She offers individual and systematic therapy, cognitive & behavioural therapy and schema therapy.

Location: Kirawa Close, Lower Kabete.

Contact: 0711 927 666.

4. Adult & Developing Minds Therapy Services

It is a team of professionals offering mental health services for children, young people, adults and families. They offer both psychotherapy and counselling. They specialise in terminal illness, bereavement and mental health issues stemming from chronic or severe illness.

Location: Doctor’s Park, 3rd Parklands Avenue, 5th Floor.

Contact: 0702 254 908.

5. Intentional Therapy & Counselling Services

It is an established therapy practise comprised of a team of registered health workers who work collaboratively to achieve the best outcome for clients. They offer a range of services including family therapy, individual and couples counselling, parenting classes, talks and forums.

Location: Upper Hill Block C, Door 1.2.

Contacts: 0716 374 566, 0735 339 980.

6. Tina Masai

Tina Masai is a professional therapist who specialises in mental health disorders.

Location: Oasis Clinic, Greenhouse Mall.

Contact: 0721959397

Consultation Fee: Ksh 4,000 first session and Ksh 3,500 thereafter.

7. Naitore Nthurima

Naitore Nthurima is a family therapist based at Riverdale Medical Centre in Lavington.

Contact: 0722 504 848.

8. Emily Kariuki

Emily Kariuki specialises on issues affecting teenagers and young adults.

Location: Saatchi Plaza, Kilimani.

Contact: 0723 579 814.

9. Dr Mutiso

Dr Mutiso is based at Menelik Medical Centre. He specialises in mental disorders.

Contact: 0720 291 232.

Consultation Fee: Ksh 4,000

10. Marx Okonji

Marx Okonji is based at Doctors Plaza, Nairobi Hospital. He specialises in mental illness.

Contact: 0715 216 242.

11. Michelle Karume

Michelle Karume is based in Spring Valley. She specialises in marriage, family and general well-being.

Contact: 0717 787 807.

12. Dr Nancy Nyaga

Contacts: 0705 671 777,  0734 189 379


Location:  Park Suites, Parklands Road, 2nd Floor

13. Dr Okonji Marx

He specialises in mental illness.

Location: Kilimani Argwings Kodhek Rd, Upper hill Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza

Contact: 0715 216242

Consultation Fee: Ksh 4,000

14. Emily Kariuki

Location: Saatchi Plaza (Kilimani)

Contact: 0723579814

Consultation Fee: Kshs 3000 per session

15. Rose Wambalamba 

Contact: 0724943321

Consultation Fee: Ksh 3,500 first session, Ksh 3,000 thereafter.

16. Wairimu Muchiri 

Location: Blossom Wellness Centre on USIU Road


Consultation Fee: Ksh 3,000-3,500

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