List Of Best Universities in Luxembourg For International Students

This is a list of the best universities in Luxembourg for international students. Luxembourg is a Schengen country located in North-West Europe. The small country which borders Belgium, France and Germany is the second richest country in the world with a GDP per capita of $105,882 as of 2018. One of the most successful aspects of Luxembourg is its education system, thanks to its massive resource allocation to the education sector.

For instance, teachers in Luxembourg earn an average salary of $108,470 per year making them one of the highest-paid teachers in the world. University education in Luxembourg was founded in 2003 and at the moment there are three well-established institutions for higher education; University of  Luxembourg, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg and International University Institute of Luxembourg. Although these universities are fairly young, they have managed to attract students from all over the world. In fact,  55 percent of students studying in Luxembourg are international.

Below, we have listed the best universities international students can study in the wealthy nation according to recent research by Webometrics; Word’s leading universities ranking system.





University of Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

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Sacred Heart University Luxembourg

Luxembourg City

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International University Institute of Luxembourg


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