List Of Best Urban Planners In Kenya

This is a list of the best urban planners in Kenya. Urban planning, also known as regional planning is an interdisciplinary field that involves the formulation of plans for the development of urban and suburban areas.

Here is a list of the best urban planners in Kenya.

1. Space Planners Ltd

Space Planners Ltd is a reputable firm comprising registered and practising urban and regional planners, and environmental experts, providing consultancy in multidisciplinary fields, that as urban and regional planning, environmental impact, urban design and mapping.

Contact: 0724 043 970, 020 240 9280.


2. Orbital Africa Ltd

It is a leading consulting firm offering urban planning services, land use and spatial planning at the county, national and regional levels.

Contact: 0719 672 296.


UDELC is a multidisciplinary consultancy firm offering services in the realm of physical planning, land use planning, environmental planning and policy. The firm boasts of a team of urban planners adept at bringing forth expertise in urban planning.

4. Supreme Plans Ltd

It is a vibrant physical planning and environmental consultancy firm incorporated in Kenya as a limited liability company. It is registered and regulated by relevant government regulatory institutions and professional bodies.

Contact: 0720 922 169.


5. Ecoplan Kenya

Ecoplan Kenya has a team of experts who are highly qualified, motivated and solution-oriented, who ensure efficiency and on-time delivery. They offer the best professional services in the field of physical, urban planning and land survey.

Contact: 0720 645 197.

6. Habitat Planners

It is a leading consulting firm of excellence in urban planning, spatial planning, environment and natural resources management, research and sustainable development.

Contact: 020 224 2685, 0722 369 133.

7. Gitutho Architects & Planners Ltd

This is a Kenyan architectural and urban planning firm that has been in practice for over 30 years. It has worked on and delivered several world-class projects.

Contact: 0702 940 814.

8. Geodev Kenya Ltd

Geodev Kenya is a regional leader in offering physical planning and urban design solutions at various scales.

Contacts: 0721 232 708, 020 272 1696.

9. UREPS Ltd

UREPS is a multi-disciplinary and professional consultancy firm with expertise in urban and regional planning. Their work is carried out in accordance with local and international quality standards.

Contact: 0722 715 558.

10. Buildafrique Group

Provides solutions in physical and urban planning in Kenya and land use management in Nairobi and other various counties.

Contact: 0722 474 285.


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