List of Best Wallpaper Installers and Suppliers in Kenya

This is a list of the best wallpaper installers and suppliers in Kenya. Wallpapers are wall coverings pasted over the interior walls of a room to enhance the overall look of a room or to decorate interior walls.

Here is a list of the best wallpaper installers and suppliers in Kenya.

1. Wallpaper Kenya

Wallpaper Kenya supplies and installs wallpapers and adhesives to interior designers and distributes them to home improvement establishments. The company has agents in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Nakuru, Eldoret and Nyeri.

Contact: 0741 889 754.

2. Raveras

The company provides surface-enhancing solutions for clients all over East Africa. This includes supply and installation of wallpapers, window films, window blinds and water purifiers.

Contact: 0737 212 212, 0734 212 212.

3. Prime House Interiors

Prime House Interiors offers the best wallpaper services in Nairobi, including supply and installation services.

Contact: 0721 502 251, 0777 502 252.

4. Ideal Floor Systems Ltd

They are currently the premier wallpapers suppliers in Nairobi, with over 500 wallpaper designs in their catalogue to choose from. Their wallpaper designs include 3D designs, bricks, damask, kids wallpapers and plain designs.

Contact: 0725 862 567, 0704 424 806.

5. Globe Wallpapers

Globe Wallpapers specialises in the supply and installation of all kinds of wallpapers, from brick wallpapers, vibrant plain colours, floral wallpapers, ceiling wallpapers and kitchen wallpapers.

Contact: 0717 583 241.

6. Allumart Kenya

Allumart Kenya has a skilled team of interior designers who can transform your walls with a range of wall hanging options, including different designs of wallpapers.

Contact: 0720 999 444, 0722 359 227.

7. Ruby Interiors

Ruby Interiors is a leading supplier of wallpapers in Kenya. They have a variety of wallpapers to choose from, with wallpapers for every space.

Contact: 0722 855 529.

8. Wall Solutions Kenya

For 3 years, the company has been distributing, supplying and installing wallpapers, gypsum and wall panels for walls, fabulous wallpaper and gypsum designs to add life to homes, living rooms, dining rooms and offices.

Contact: 0704 894 189.

9. Harris Interior Wallpapers

At Harris Interior Wallpapers, you get all kinds of wallpapers for your interior needs at very reasonable prices.

Contact: 0727 406 966.

10. Robert Hutching Wallpapers

They are currently the number one premium quality wallpaper supplier in Kenya, having been in operation since 2013. They supply over 500 plus designs of wallpapers.

Contact: 0702 730 171, 0723 250 182.

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