List Of Best Wastewater Treatment Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best wastewater treatment companies in Kenya. The list focuses on leading companies that offer exceptional wastewater treatment services and other related services all over Kenya.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best wastewater treatment companies in Kenya

1.CESP Africa

CESP Africa is a leading wastewater treatment solution provider with over 50 successful installations in Kenya. The company provides treatment for grey wastewater, black wastewater and industrial wastewater.

Location: Royal Business Park, Old Mombasa Road, Before SGR Terminus Syokimau.

Contact: 0715 281 537.

2. Ecocycle Limited

Ecocycle’s core product is the selling and installation of wastewater treatment and recycling plants from Kalartechniker Reinhardt Gmbh of Eutin Germany.

Location: Blue Violet Plaza, 6th Floor, Suite 607, Kindaruma Road, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0718 637 898, 0719 356 209.

3. Eco Maji

Eco Maji is a leading wastewater treatment company in East Africa. It offers comprehensive wastewater treatment systems, industry-specific waste management, quality control and sustainable solutions for commercial and residential developments.

Contact: 0713 632 470.

4. Hydrolink Technologies Ltd

Hydrolink Technologies is one of the leading water, wastewater and process treatment solutions providers. The company ensures the highest standard of service and expertise.

Location: East Gate Road, Off Mombasa Road.

Contacts: 0705 215 698, 020 200 0478.

5. Atlas Copo

Atlas Copo is a world-leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, waste and wastewater management solutions, serving customers in Kenya for over 85 years.

Location: Airport North Road, Embakasi.

Contact: 0703 054 000.

6. Kanku Kenya

Kanku Kenya provides custom-built solutions for any variety of wastewater types and industries, attaining the applicable discharge limits for treated industrial effluent.

Location: Cianda House, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0782 517 777, 0782 518 888.

7. Nature Systems Ltd

Founded in Kenya in 2011, the company introduced a new concept in wastewater treatment in Kenya and has since developed the concept to become a leading supplier of wastewater treatment plants within East Africa.

Location: Karen, Nairobi.

Contact: 0758 240 050.

8. OmiFlo Limited

OmiFlo converts wastewater into beautiful and functional spaces. The company provides exceptional wastewater treatment services with no chemicals, no smell and simple maintenance.

Location: Gogo Falls Lane, Karen, Nairobi.

Contact: 0701 302 759.

9. Pureflow Solutions

Pureflow Solutions provides exceptional wastewater treatment, water purification, desalination, bottling and recycling services.

Contacts: 0715 626 413, 0735 588 113.

10. Sewertech Limited

Sewertech Limited specialises in wastewater and sewer treatment design, installation and maintenance. It has a team of well-trained engineers and technicians to ensure every task is done professionally.

Contacts: 0726 668 252, 0719 894 927.

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