List Of Best Watch Repair Services In Nairobi

This is a list of the best watch repair services in Nairobi. The list focuses on highly skilled and honest repairers who offer a full range of watch repair services for all watch models.

Here is a list of the best watch repair services in Nairobi

1. Wefix Tech

Wefix Tech is a professional repair shop with trained technicians who can handle all kinds of repairs for different smartwatch brands.

Location: Ecobank Towers, Standard Street.

Contacts: 0111 040 999, 0111 040 988.

2. Kibic Watches

Kibic Watches offers over 30 years of experience and expertise in the repair of watches and clocks. They have an in-house authorised service centre for all watch and clock repair needs.

Location: Sarit Centre, Ground Floor.

Contact: 0725 883 344.

3. Kimani Watch Repairs

Kimani Watch Repairs offers outstanding watch repair services for all types and models of watches.

Location: Diamond House, Moi Avenue.

Contact: 0722 405 744.

4. Eastern Watch Co Ltd

Eastern Watch Co is a renowned company that sells and repairs all types of watches within Nairobi and beyond.

Location: Standard Building, Ground Floor, Standard Street.

Contact: 0723 313 245.

5. Chauhan Watches 

Chauhan Watches guarantees timely repairs of all types of watches, from Seiko, casio, citizen to rolex.

Location: Bihi Towers, Shop No 65, Ground Floor, Moi Avenue, Next to Veteran House.

Contact: 0721 390 453.

6. Nairobi Watch Repair & Gemstones Collectors

They repair all types of watches, phone screens and batteries.

Location: River Road.

Contact: 0726 490 186.

7. Garmin Kenya

If your garmin gadget is not working, then take it to Garmin Kenya where it will be serviced for you at an affordable cost.

Location: Olympic House, 4th Floor, Koinange Street.

Contact: 0720 809 355.

8. Fitbit Kenya

Fitbit Kenya offers repair services for Fitbit watches, software faults and battery replacement.

Location: Saachi Plaza, Block C-C6, Argwings Kodhek Road.

Contact: 0112 002 194.

9. Its Time Ltd

The company repairs and sells all types of watches, both at wholesale and retail price.

Contact: 0799 698 984.

10. IEL Watchshop

They are dealers of wrist watches in Nairobi, selling and repairing all kinds of watches.

Location: River Road.

Contact: 0722 167 288.

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