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List Of Best Wedding Photographers In Kenya

This is a list of the best wedding photographers in Kenya. Weddings deserve to be memorable as much as possible. The best way to keep such memories is through well-captured photos. This can only be achieved by seeking the services of creative photographers with the ability to capture quality and authentic images.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best wedding photographers in Kenya.

1. Antony Trivet Photography

Antony Trivet is a Kenyan wedding fashion portraiture professional photographer, editor and visual media instructor with a strong background in executive portraiture and commercial illustrative photography. His approach to photography is exceptionally artistic and photojournalistic, banking on a brilliant end-result script.

Contact: 0721 654 356.

Email: antonytrivet@gmail.com.

2. Janeson Wedding Photography

Janeson, creative wedding photographers and Videographers in Kenya offers the best wedding event documentation with professional photography, Video coverage and aerial drone photos and videos.

Contact: 0714444045

Email: films@janeson.co.ke

Website: Janeson.co.ke

3. Kiss The Bride Photography

It is a premier wedding photography company managed by Nicholas Stripling. His style of wedding photography is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism, influenced by fine art and fashion photography. The result is creative, clean and crisp wedding artistry that is romantic, fun and emotional.

Contact: 0721 352 140.

Email: nicholastripling@gmail.com.

4. Christophe Viseux Photography

Christophe Viseux is a popular photographer specialising in destination weddings, with more than 10 years of experience shooting weddings, editorials and corporate events.

Email: photo@christophephotos.com.

5. Wedding Cards Kenya

Widely known as Visualdo Media, Wedding Cards Kenya specialises in professional wedding photography and videography.

Contact: 0777 244 245.

Email: cardskenya@gmail.com.

6. Katz Photography

Katz Photography is a boutique photography studio primarily focused on family and wedding photography. The company was founded in 2014 by Monicah and Timothy Katua who have grown to be one of the best wedding photographers in Africa.

Contact: 0733 741 357.

Email: admin@katzphotographykenya.com.

7. Jafassam

Jafassam is based in Mombasa and provides luxury wedding and lifestyle photography to the classical, romantic and chic couples all over Kenya and the rest of the world.

Contact: 0713 756 170.

Email: info@jafassam.com.

8. The Sauce Films

The Sauce Films produce cinematic wedding films and photographs that tell a story. The company is based in Nairobi but provides service all over the world.

Contact: 0705 399 995.

Email: info@thesaucefilms.com.

9. Photoshots

Photoshots takes pride in offering clients the type of Kenyan wedding photography they are looking for. They capture the moments and emotions in a wedding and create tangible reminders of the feelings shared between a bride and groom.

Contacts: 0722, 887 665, 020 521 9128.

Email: info@photoshots.co.ke.

10. Ben Kiruthi

Ben Kiruthi is a renowned luxury wedding photographer available for destination weddings.

Contact: 0732 998 073.

11. Soho Studios

Soho Studios is the premier wedding photography and film company in Kenya. They are creatives in capturing the most candid and unique moments in your event.

Contact: 0787 495 134, 0715 344 140.

Email: info@sohostudio.co.ke.

12. Njeri Photography

She is one of the best photographers and videographers in Kenya.  Her work can be viewed at @Njeriphotography on Instagram. Location: Kilimani Road

Contact: + 254714542487

Email: njeriphotography@gmail.com

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