List Of Best Weight Loss Clinics In Nairobi

This is a list of the best weight loss clinics in Nairobi. Losing weight can at times be a challenging task especially if you are doing it on your own without professional help.

Well, there are a number of weight loss clinics in Nairobi that can walk with you throughout your weight loss journey.

Here is a list of the best weight loss clinics in Nairobi.

1. Nairobi Bariatric Centre

Nairobi Bariatric Centre is Kenya’s top weight loss clinic with over 2 decades of experience in the treatment of obesity and its related illnesses. It offers services such as gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, psychotherapy of eating habits and bowel irrigation.

Location: 5th Avenue Office Suites, 7th Floor, Room 16, Ngong Road.

Contact: 0703 550 550.

2. Kenya Laparoscopic Surgery Services (KLASS)

KLASS is an obesity and bariatric program centre that provides seamless and high-quality bariatric surgery as well as comprehensive weight loss programs to help build your self-esteem.

Location: Parklands Mediplaza Building, 3rd Avenue, 3rd Floor.

Contact: 0721 933 724.

3. Slim Therapy Kenya

Slim Therapy is a renowned weight loss clinic that offers the best weight loss programs in Kenya that will help you to lose inches and fat 60% more effectively.

Location: Ground Floor, St Andrews Tower, Off University Way and South C, Opposite Popo Road.

Contacts: 0727 374 491, 0706 969 839.

4. Nairobi Obesity and Gastrointestinal Clinic

The clinic offers weight loss procedures such as endoscopy, gastric sleeve, mini gastric bypass and gastric bypass.

Location: Nairobi Hospital, Doctors Plaza, Suite 113.

Contacts: 0700 442 162, 0710 780 907.

5. Avane Clinic

Avane Clinic offers some of the world’s most advanced weight loss programs and treatments. It offers non-invasive/ non surgical fat reduction treatment. The clinic has branches in Gigiri, Yaya Centre and Park Suites.

Contacts: 0720 230 200, 0714 500 500, 0718 500 500.

6. Nairobi Hospital Weight Loss Clinic

The clinic offers minimally invasive bariatric procedures that include a gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric band. The procedures provide lasting weight loss solutions.

Contact: 0730 666 860.

7. Nairobi Nutritional, Obesity and Bariatric Clinic

The clinic offers comprehensive and customised treatment options for overweight and obesity.

Location: Kenya Medical Association Centre, Upperhill.

Contacts: 020 210 5800, 0777 100 117.

8. VLCC Wellness

VLCC Wellness is widely recognised for its wellness and weight loss management solutions.

Location: Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way.

Contact: 0715 391 252.

9. Aculaser Institute

It is a scientific modern healthcare centre which uses the Swift Weight Loss System that provides a modality of treatment for obese and overweight individuals.

Location: 3rd Parklands Avenue.

Contact: 020 374 1179.

10. Halcyon Healthcare Centre

The centre prides on excellent service delivery, offering weight loss solutions/ bariatrics offered nowhere else within Nairobi.

Location: 5th Ngong Avenue Office Suites, 7th Floor.

Contact: 0794 264 502.

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