List Of Best Welding and Fabrication Schools In Kenya

This is a list of best welding and fabrication schools in Kenya. The list mainly focuses on renowned institutions that pride in having highly qualified instructors who offer comprehensive lessons to learners eager to showcase their skills to the outside world. Most of the institutions offer certificate, diploma and basic level skills in welding and fabrication.

Here is a list of some of the best welding and fabrication schools in Kenya.

1. EA Institute of Welding

EA Institute is an authorized training body of the International Institute of Welding that was founded in 2017, to further standards in welding and fabrication. It offers a full range of engineer, technologist, specialist, practitioner, welder and inspector courses.

Contacts: +254 770 918 002


2. Welding Alloys Ltd

The institution has highly qualified instructors who offer training courses for welders in MMA, MIG, TIG, gas and metal powder spray processes.

Location: Enterprise Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 653 3290


3. Eastlands College of Technology

It offers courses that trainees with skills in joining, welding, cutting/forming of materials using various fabrication and welding processes. Some of the courses offered include; manual arc welding, welding of plastics, oxyacetylene gas welding, resistance welding, welding of cast iron, etc…

Location: Off Lunga Lunga Road, Donholm, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 723 482 502


4. Nairobi Industrial Institute

It is a reputable tertiary training institution that was established in 1985 to offer advanced diploma, diploma, certificate and apprenticeship courses in specialities such as welding and fabrication, ICT, general machining and other engineering courses. The institution has campuses in Komarock and Embakasi.

Contacts: +254 777 102 085/ +254 722 102 085

5. Naivasha Technical Training Institute

It was established in 1978 to provide technical skills to young people in society. It offers a wide range of technical courses such as metalwork, motor vehicle mechanics, electrical installation and building construction.

Contacts: +254 797 720 740/ +254 020 202 6362


6. Nairobi Technical Training Institute

Location: Off Ring Road Ngara, between Kariokor and Pangani Police Station.

Contacts: +254 721 233 394/ 020 803 4403


7. Michuki Technical Training Institute

Location: Kangema, Murang’a County

Contacts: +254 725 912 313


8. Railway Training Institute

It is one of the oldest training institutions in the East African region. It offers professional diploma courses in welding and fabrication. The course takes 3 terms and requires one to have a KCSE minimum grade of C-

Contacts: +254 20 237 8397


9. Sigalagala Technical Training Institute

It mainly offers technical courses which include welding and fabrication courses at different levels depending on one’s qualification.

Location: Along Sigalagala- Kakamega Road

Contacts: +254 726 806 105

10. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

The institution offers craft in welding and fabrication. One is required to have a KCSE minimum grade of D plain to undertake the course.

Location: Eldoret

Contacts: +254 704 244 244

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