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List Of Best Zip Lining Locations In Kenya

This is a list of the best zip lining locations in Kenya. Kenya is endowed with beautiful sceneries and spectacular locations where one can engage in fun-filled and adrenaline-packed activities such as zip-lining.

Zip lining is a pulse-racing aerial expedition that involves riding a steel cable on a belt between two points. It is best done in serene locations such as on a valley,  where you can have a view of beautiful sceneries and what nature has to offer.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best zip lining locations in Kenya.

1. The Forest

The Forest is just 60 minutes from Nairobi, near Limuru in Kereita Forest. It is a perfect location where you can enjoy a range of fun-filled activities such as flying fox zip tour, mountain biking, archery, nature walks, footgolf, camping and team building. The cost of zip lining ranges between Kshs 1,800- 3,000.

Contacts: 0711 112 233.

Email: info@theforest.co.ke.

Image © The Forest

2. The Dam Redhill

The Dam Redhill is located in Limuru. It offers a serene environment perfect for zip lining and other activities such as biking, fishing, boating and horse riding.

Contacts: 0723 273 914.

Email: info@damredhill.com.

3. Rapids Camp Sagana

Rapids Camp has an amazing zipline that cuts across the Rapids falls. The zipline is 250 m long and has 110 m on top of a river which makes it unique in Kenya. At only Kshs 3,000 you can have an amazing ziplining experience at the Rapids Camp.

Location: Sagana Town.

Contacts: 0722 308 026, 0737 559 547.

4. Savage Wilderness Camp

Savage Wilderness leads the way in Kenyan adventure tourism providing unique and breathtaking experiences in one of nature’s most beautiful environments. They offer the zip line experience every day, with a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 30 people.

Contact: 0737 835 963.

Email: info@savagewilderness.org.

Image © www.savagewilderness.org

5. Kompass At Ngong Hills

It is a recreational centre located within Ngong Hills. It is open daily and offers a wide array of facilities and activities such as ziplining, archery, cycling, paintball, photography, bar and restaurant.

Contact: 0798 002 474.

Image © Betty Kyallo| Twitter

6. Machakos People’s Park

The Machakos People’s Park is a recreational park managed by the Machakos County Government. It is a perfect place to visit for lots of fun-filled activities such as ziplining, biking, picnics, photography, horse and camel riding.

Image © Kenyan Wanderer | Twitter

7. Lobaran Zipline

Lobaran Zipline is a hidden recreational centre located in Kabarnet Town. It is a perfect place for ziplining adventures across a man made reservoir dam known as Kirr Dam. It is also a perfect spot for camping, rock climbing, nature trails, hiking and nyama choma delicacies.

Kirandich Dam Road, Kabarnet.

Contact: 0719 302 535.

Image © www.travelwitheliud.com

8. Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is located in Kiambu Town. It is a magnificent tourist attraction park that offers lots of activities such as ziplining, bird watching, nature trails, exploring stone age caves, fishing, boat riding, horse and camel riding. They charge an entrance fee of Ksh. 400 for adults and Kshs. 300 for children.

Email: info@paradiselost.co.ke.

Image © Justrioba|Twitter
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