List Of Beyond Fruits Branches in Kenya

This is a list of Beyond Fruits branches in Kenya and their contacts. Beyond Fruits is a popular Kenyan retail company established in 2017. The company supplies the Kenyan retail market with fresh vegetables and fruits across its retail outlets. It is a sister company to Fresh’ N’ Juici that used to supply fruits and vegetables to Nakumatt East Africa before it closed down.

Beyond Fruits stocks quality and fresh vegetables and fruits from Kenya and across the world. They also serve over 30 varieties of fresh, natural juices and smoothies to its customers.

Since its inception, the company has grown and has established several footprints in Nairobi and across major towns in the country. So far, Beyond Fruits has 25 branches; 14 in Nairobi and the rest across Kenya.

List Of Beyond Fruits Branches in Kenya

Beyond Fruits Branches in Nairobi

  1. Beyond Fruits Mombasa Road

Location: Capital Centre (Mombasa Road)

Contacts: 0799 499 425

  1. Beyond Fruits Legend Valley Lavington

Location: Legend Valley Business Park, Othaya Road

Contacts: 0110 922 254

  1. Beyond Fruits James Gichuru Lavington

Location: LAVINGTON BUSINESS HUB, James Gichuru Road, 6 Isaac Gathanju Cl

Contacts: 0791 575 625

  1. Beyond Fruits Parklands

Location: 52 Second Parklands Ave, Pramukh Swami Road

Contacts: 0799  499 666

  1. Beyond Fruits South C

Location: Rubis Petrol Station South C

Contacts: 0799 499 291

  1. Beyond Fruits Kiambu

Location: Shell Ridgeways Kiambu Road

Contacts: 0799 499 287

  1. Beyond Fruits Karen

Location: Shell Spannerright, Karen

Contacts: 0799 499 472

  1. Beyond Fruits Kilimani

Location: Shell Kilimani, Arwings Kodhek Road

Contacts: 0769  869 803

  1. Beyond Fruits The Well Karen

Location: The Well Karen, along Langata Rd, Nairobi

Contacts: 0799 499 250

  1. Beyond Fruits Gigiri

Location: UN Avenue, along Limuru Road

Contacts: 0799 499 407

  1. Beyond Fruits General Mathenge

Location: Vinayak Complex along 73 General Mathenge Road

Contacts: 0799 499 156

  1. Beyond Fruits Mlolongo

Location: Signature Mall

Contacts: 0799 499 289

  1. Beyond Fruits Kitengela

Location: Next to Total Energies Along Kitengela-Namanga Highway

Contacts: 0110 916 918

  1. Beyond Fruits Thika

Location: T-Plaza Building, along Kenyatta Highway, Thika

Contacts: 0110 916 910


Beyond Fruits Branches in Mombasa

  1. Cinemax Juice Bar

Location: Nyali Cinemax, along Nyali Rd

Contacts: 0795 502 666

  1. Beyond Fruits Nyali

Location: City Mall, along Malindi Road

Contacts: 0799 499 564

  1. Beyond Fruits Likoni

Location: Nova Likoni Mall

Contacts: 0799 499 292

  1. Beyond Fruit Nyali

Location: Nyali Cinema, along Nyali Road

Contacts: 0799 499 528

  1. Beyond Fruit Nyali Links Arcade

Location: Tayo House, Links Rd, Mombasa

Contacts: 0799 499 280


Beyond Fruits Branches in Kisumu

  1. Beyond Fruit Kisumu Gulf

Location: Mega City Mall, Along Kisumu-Busia Road

Mobile Number:0110 916 919

  1. Beyond Fruit Kisumu Mega Plaza

Location: Mega Plaza, Along Angawa Avenue

Contact: 0110 916 914

3. Beyond Fruit West End Mall 

Location:  West End Mall, Corner of God Huma Road And, Achieng’ Oneko Road, Kisumu

Contact: 0110916915

Beyond Fruit Malindi Branch

Location: Oasis Mall, along Lamu Road

Contacts: 0110 916 912

Beyond Fruit Diani Branch

Location: Fresh and Juici Diani, Next to CTM Diani

Contacts: 0110 916 911

Beyond Fruit Eldoret Branch

Location: Rupa Mall, along Eldoret-Nairobi Highway

Contacts: 0110 916 920

Beyond Fruit Nanyuki Branch

Location: Cedar Mall

Contacts: 0799 499 282

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