List Of Bingwa Sacco Branches and Contacts

This is a list of Bingwa Sacco branches in Kenya. Formerly known as Kirinyaga Tea Growers Sacco Ltd, Bingwa Sacco was registered in 1984 and first licensed by SASRA as a deposit-taking Sacco in 2011.

Bingwa Sacco is one of the largest deposit-taking Sacco in the country – with an asset base of Ksh 6.82 billion.

Bingwa Sacco boasts a membership of more than 190,000 Kenyans. It serves these members through a network of 19 FOSA branches located in Nairobi, Githurai, Kitengela, and Kirinyaga.  The Sacco’s head office is located at Bingwa Sacco Building, along Karatina-Kutus Road in Kerugoya.

List Of Bingwa Sacco Branches and Contacts

1. Bingwa Sacco Limited Nairobi Branch

Location: Gaberone Lane, Nairobi City, Kenya

Contact: +254 707 304620

2. Bingwa Sacco Kitengela Branch

Location: Esidai House Opposite Kitengela Mall

Contact: +254 793 773 535

3. Bingwa Sacco Ngurubani Branch

Location: Wan’guru

Contact: +254 724 410 004

4. Bingwa Sacco Ltd Kagio Branch

Location: Kagio

Contact: +254724409985

5. Bingwa Sacco Ltd Kutus Branch

Location: Kutus

Contact: +254748036311

6. Bingwa Sacco Society Ltd -Head Office

Location: Tea Growers Complex, Kerugoya Town

Contact: +254 725 713471

7. Bingwa Sacco Kagumo Branch

Location: Kagumo

Contact: +254 724 409949

8. Bingwa Sacco Kimunye Branch

Location: Kimunye

Contact: +254 746 555 252

9. Bingwa Sacco Karumandi  Branch

Location: Karumandi

Contact: 0724409961

10. Bingwa Sacco Kiangai  Branch

Location: Kiangai

Contact: 0724409937

11. Bingwa Sacco Kibirigwi  Branch

Location: Wanguru

Contact: 0706542081

12.  Bingwa Sacco Kiamutugu  Branch

Location: Kiamutugu

Contact: 0712478584

13. Bingwa Sacco Kianyaga  Branch

Location: Karumande Road, Kianyaga

Contact: 0712478565

14. Bingwa Sacco Kandongu  Branch

Location: Kandongu; near Kandongu Primary School

Contact: 0726080561

15. Bingwa Sacco Gatwe Branch

Location: Gatwe

Contact: 0707069179

16. Bingwa Sacco Githurai Branch

Location: Githurai

Contact: 0712490307

17. Bingwa Sacco Githure Branch

Location:  Githure

Contact: 0712479408

18. Bingwa Sacco Baricho Branch

Location: Baricho

Contact: 0712478442

19. Bingwa Sacco Ndiriti Branch

Location: Ndiriti Shopping Center

Contact: 0712478534

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