List Of Bread Manufacturing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of bread manufacturing companies in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned companies that manufacture and distribute high-quality premium loaves of bread that are sold in the local markets and in other neighbouring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania.

Here is a list of bread manufacturing companies in Kenya.

1. Broadways Bakery Limited

Broadways Bakery was established in Kenya during the pre-independence era and has steadily grown from a one deck oven bakery to become one of the largest industrial bakeries in Kenya. The company is behind the popular Broadways bread which includes white sliced bread, brown sliced bread, unsliced bread and sandwich bread.

Location: Thika.

Contacts: 0720 504 309, 0734 252 525.


2. Kenblest Group

Kenblest Group produces over 250,000 loaves of bread and 450 metric tonnes of wheat and maize flour a day, making it one of the largest producers of bread and wheat in the country. The company’s brand of bread is known as Kenblest. It has an extensive distribution fleet of over 100 vehicles that guarantee delivery of fresh bread throughout the country.

Location: Off Garissa Road, Thika.

Contacts: 0721 490 800, 0734 490 800.


3. Mini Bakeries Ltd

Mini Bakeries is the company behind the Supa Loaf brand. Supa Loaf has over the years grown to become a leading brand in Kenya and has severally been nominated as a Super brand. The company has an effective distribution network that ensures its bread is supplied while still very fresh to over 10,000 retail outlets within Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Location: Supa Loaf Complex, Kangundo Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0731 999 902.


4. Bakemark Limited

They are the proud manufacturers of BB bread which has made unprecedented strides in the baking industry in terms of quality and exponential increase in sales.

Contact: 0780 440 550.


5. United Millers

United Millers produces the popular brand of bread known as United. The company has over 20 years of experience in baking and produces high quality premium breads, both plain and sliced in various flavors.

Location: Industrial Area, Kisumu.

Contacts: 0724 303 831, 0733 638 370.


6. DPL Festive Limited

The company was founded in 2000 in Nairobi. They are the proud manufacturers of Festive Bread which is very nutritious, smooth and tasty.

Location: 020 217 7474.


7. Ennsvalley Bakery

Established in 1996, Ennsvalley Bakery is a world-class bakery that specialises in a wide variety of delicious and healthy bread, rolls and pastries.

Location: Enterprise Rd, Nairobi

Contact:0724 253333

8. Kenafric Bakery Ltd

Kenafric Bakery manufactures Kingsmil Bread which is available in white or brown bread, sliced or unsliced, regular or sandwich varieties with extra slices to feed just a few more people.

Location: Ruiru.

Contact: 0733 614 530.

9. Fayaz Bakers Limited

The company is in the core business of manufacturing/baking bread and confectionery items. They manufacture over 100 different types of cakes, biscuits, pastries and lollies.

Location: Mombasa.

Contacts: 0721 182 880, 0723 596 819.


10. Elliots Bread Limited

This is an award-winning company behind the popular Elliots Bread that has dominated the Kenyan market for years. The bread is available in different flavors and sizes.

Contact: 020 653 2701.

11. Alicia Bakers & Confectioners Ltd

It is an established bread-making company that produces a well-known range of high-quality wheat products under the famous Lakeland brand.

Location: Bondo.

Contact: 0715 061 592.


11. Sunblest Bakery

Location: Makasembo Road, Karume Road, Kisumu

Contact:057 2024220

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