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List Of Breathtaking Waterfalls In Kenya

This is a list of breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya. Kenya is one of Africa’s most stunning locations, that prides in an endless array of scenic destinations and beautiful attractions that offer undiluted fun. It is actually the only country in the world with a national park within its capital city.

Some of the notable natural attractions that Kenya prides in include the numerous intricate waterfalls, which are a huge draw for travellers with a thirst for adventure. Below is a detailed list of most breathtaking waterfalls in Kenya.

1. Karuru Falls

It is the longest and highest waterfall in Kenya, located within the Aberdares National Park in Nyandarua County. The breathtaking waterfall is surrounded by beautiful indigenous trees and vegetation which form a beautiful habitat for different species of wild animals and rare birds.

2. Thomson’s Falls

It is a scenic 74 metres waterfall situated approximately 3 kilometres from Nyahururu town. It plunges down several metres into a fearful gorge. Upstream from the falls is one of the highest hippo pools in Kenya.

3. Fourteen Falls

The falls are located off the Thika-Garissa road turning at Makutano junction. The scenic falls offer opportunities for boat rides, fishing, photography and wholesome interaction with nature.

Photos by @jaydabliu, @HuzeifaGanijee, @AfrikaLives and @aerialaffairske

4. Chania Falls

The spectacular waterfall is located in Chania River which draws its water from the Aberdares. It can best be viewed from Blue Post hotel, off the Thika superhighway. It is one of the best destinations in Kenya for retreating, picnicking and photography sessions.

Photo by @bonnybonnita

5. Sheldrick Falls

The spectacular 21m waterfall is located within the Shimba Hills National Reserve in Kwale County. The waterfall is laced with lianas and greenery which attracts different species of birds and wild animals from the national reserve.

6. Zania Falls

It is a popular excursion and a calling card to adventure lovers, located within the Aberdare National Park which is characterized by steep forested ravines and open moorland.

7. Rapids Waterfall

It is a favorite natural hotspot attraction for most adventure lovers. It is located in Sagana, Kirinyaga County. It is one of the best destinations in  Kenya for kayaking, white water rafting, sports fishing, and river boarding adventures.

8. Nabuyole Falls

It was initially known as Broderick falls. It is located in River Nzoia, between Chetambe Hills in Webuye. The scenic waterfall is said to have a powerful force that can pull one towards its basin if you go near it.

9. Kapedo Hot Waterfalls

The spectacular boiling hot waterfalls are located in Kapedo, between the border of Baringo and Turkana county. The hot waterfalls plunge over a small escarpment before merging with Suguta River.

10. Chepkiit Waterfall

The waterfall is located in a serene environment surrounded by cliffs, hanging rocks and indigenous trees that provide beautiful picnic sites. It is located in Nandi County.

Torok Falls

The beautiful waterfall is located in Elgeyo Marakwet County just past Tambach on your way to Kabarnet.

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