List Of Business Ideas For People Living In Kenyan Rural Areas

This is a list of business ideas for people living in Kenyan rural areas. There are very many business opportunities in rural areas, that can generate a steady income. Most people tend to believe that the quickest way to become a successful entrepreneur is by investing in urban areas and towns. This is one of the major reason that has greatly contributed to congestion in most urban areas and towns.

Urban areas may have better infrastructure and facilities compared to rural areas but in the real sense, there are advantages and opportunities associated with rural areas. You can focus on these advantages and achieve the maximum out of them. It is quite clear that there are some businesses that can best flourish only in rural areas if greatly managed, for example, agribusiness. It all depends on your efforts and persistence.

Here are some of the best business ideas for people living in rural areas.

1.Sale of scrap metal

This may seem to be a ‘dirty’ business venture but trust me, you can make millions from selling scrap metal. Scrap metals are readily available in villages/rural areas. The scrap metals can be exchanged for a good amount of cash depending on where you sell them, as this business involves many middlemen. It all depends on your hard work and effort as it requires you to gather as much scrap metals as you can, for you to earn a substantial amount of money.

2.Firewood and charcoal selling 

Firewood and charcoal are the leading primary sources of cooking energy in rural areas. This is a business venture that does not require a lot of capital to start and operate. However, there are some environmental regulations from NEMA and other government agencies that you need to adhere to in case you produce your own charcoal. You can also offer delivery services for your products at an extra fee depending on your locality or the distance between you and your clients.

3.Production and sale of organic fertilizer/natural fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are generally derived from animal matter/waste, human waste, and vegetable matter like compost and crop residues. Materials for making organic fertilizers are easily and readily available in villages and rural areas. You can gather such materials like animal waste and vegetable matter and store them in a particular place for decomposition. Such materials can make the perfect organic fertilizers that you can sell to other locals for the purposes of cultivating crops.

4. Open a salon/barbershop

You can open a salon/barbershop at a shopping centre or a town centre within your area. Ensure you offer the best services to attract and retain your customers. It’s a business that requires patience and persistence for you to enjoy the ultimate fruits.

5.Transport Business (especially for farm produce)

Most people in rural area are farmers, either small scale or large scale farmers. You can set up a business for transporting farm produce for the farmers. The most suitable means of transport to venture in would be pickups, lorries, tractors, and motorbikes. You can hire your vehicles or offer transport services at a fee. It’s a business venture that requires a lot of capital to start and also involves other maintenance costs which may be too expensive.

6. Start a mitumba business

It is a business that you can start with any amount of cash. The most important thing is to determine your target market and where to get your stock. Mitumba clothes are usually cheap and easily affordable to many thus can generate you a good amount of income.

7. Start a small workshop or construction company

A lot of constructions/construction works happen in the villages and other rural areas, for example, building of homes, chicken coops, and barns. Such construction works require the services of experts and professionals like masons and carpenters. You can set up a construction company or a small workshop that offers inclusive services.


Agribusiness generally entails the production, delivery and business processes involved in agriculture and corporate farming. This one of the lucrative areas that a person living in rural areas can venture in. You can grow vegetables, fruits, and other crops on large scale or even small scale and sell your produce to local and international consumers. You can also rear animals for commercial purposes. Agribusiness is a profitable venture that requires you to be smart, hardworking and patient.

9.Pest control business

You can start a pest control business which generally involves eradicating of harmful insects from farms and houses, rodents and other types of pests that may be a nuisance.

10.Brick Moulding Business

Demand for cheap homes especially in the rural areas is on the rise. Many people are building their retirement homes in rural areas. Bricks are actually cheap to produce in rural areas, especially if you have a piece of land and water supply. It’s a business that anyone can engage in and earn a steady income.


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