List Of Cancer Foundations In Kenya

This is a list of cancer foundations in Kenya. Cancer foundations basically provide support to those affected by cancer. This may be financial, emotional or practical support such as offering counselling services and complementary therapy. Some of the foundations also sponsor medical treatment for cancer patients.

Here is a list of cancer foundations in Kenya.

1. The Beth Mugo Cancer Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to mobilize support for enhanced access to breast, cervical and prostate cancer information, screening and referral for improved prevention, early detection and treatment. The foundation’s patron is H.E. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Location: Valley View Office Park, Tower B 2nd Floor, Off Limuru Road.

Contact: 0790 710 880.


2. Faraja Cancer Support

Faraja Cancer Support was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing emotional, practical and healing support to anyone affected by cancer.

Contacts: 0748 811 909, 0746 963 107.


3. Africa Cancer Foundation

Africa Cancer Foundation works towards a cancer-free Africa by promoting the prevention of cancer and providing holistic solutions for people affected by cancer in Africa.

Contact: 0716 802 750.


4. Kenya Cancer Association

It is a voluntary non-making organisation that was established in 1995 to offer patient support, cancer education and awareness, cancer advocacy and research.

Office Location: Nurses Complex, KNH Grounds, Near KNH Outpatient Centre.

Contacts: 0756 465 486, 0797 309 070.

5. Eddah’s Hope Cancer Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to mobilize and strengthen cancer awareness and knowledge among young adults and to improve outcomes in early detection and prevention of cancer.

Office Location: Off Ngong Road, Paresia Centre.

Contacts: 0732 440 000, 0704 448 000.

6. Integrated Cancer Research Foundation Of Kenya

The foundation aims at addressing the burden of cancer in Kenya through evidence-based research and also to promote awareness so as to help encourage early diagnosis and testing that will enhance timely management of the disease.

Contact: 0794 699 059.


7. Hope Beyond Cancer Trust

Hope Beyond Cancer Trust creates awareness and improves the quality of life of women with breast cancer through a goody bag program.

Contact: 0768 187 172.

8. Cancer Child Playgroup Foundation

The foundation aims at creating awareness and offering advise and counselling services to cancer patients.

9. Fadhili Cancer Support Organisation

It is a non profit making organisation that was founded in June 2018 with the sole aim of improving access to healthcare services for all cancer patients in Kenya by creating cancer awareness, providing psycho-social support and screening for early detection.

Contacts: 0702 020 206, 0706 010 934.

10. Cancer Awareness Centre Of Kenya

It is a not for profit organisation as an initiative that emphasizes on preventive checkups that will help reduce cancer related risks.

11. Twakutukuza Trust

The trust was established in 2009 to provide emotional, physical and financial support to people diagnosed with cancer.

Contact: 0714 780 540, 0737 780 540.

12. Kenya Childhood Cancer Trust

It is one of the organisations in Kenya that is dedicated to championing and building effective and efficient care for all children with cancer.

Contact: 0768 888 396, 020 222 661.


13. Henzo Kenya

Henzo Kenya is a CBO that brings together cancer patients mainly for public awareness, mutual support and advocacy. Henzo’s main focus is Chronic Myeloid Leukamia and Gastro-intestinal stromal tumors.

Contact: 0722 242 766.


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