List Of Careers With High Cheating Rates

Ever wondered which professions are most likely to have more cheaters? Our workplaces are always a hive of drama, gossip, and affairs of the heart. A new study now reveals that most infidelity cases are being reported in the line of duty.  Straight at the top of the list are bankers. They aren’t just managing money, but also the affairs of the affairs of the heart!

Though there is no precise template for who will cheat on whom,  it’s good to look for warning signs.Below is a full list of careers in Kenya that have reported high rates of cheating.

1. Financial (brokers, bankers, analysts and real estate agents)

Yeah, watch out for these guys with significant others working long, hard hours at the bank—because they may be depositing something, but it doesn’t sound like cheques.

2.  Healthcare (doctors, nurses) 

They work till late in the night, taking care of patients and attending to their medical needs. Doctors take advantage of such women, luring them to late night romp in the doctor’s office, while you turn and toss in the cold bed alone.

3. Bartenders

If you woman is working in some club or bar to raise money for a living, you are on the verge of breaking up with her because of the nature of her job. Drunk men spanking her ass as she serves drinks, rich men giving her tips for sexual favors, his boss pressuring her to work late in the night to get a promotion.

4.House helps

With the rate of unemployment in the country, campus graduates are opting to do manual jobs as house helps to get money to sustain their lives. Not once, not twice will their employers try to take advantage of them through sexual assaulting them.

5. Actors

The industry is full of team mafisi. Most girls have to sleep with their bosses in order to make it through. Those with talent but stingy are literally denied a chance. Let’s face it. When you are in the limelight, you get to meet handsome men with money and influence that could sweep you off your feet. If you are dating an actress you have plenty to worry about.

6. Communications (journalists, public relations)

7. DJs and Musicians 

8. Teachers

9.  Secretaries

10. Aviation (Pilots, flight attendants.)

I know no one wants to suffer depression and heartache when you think of the possibilities of your woman or man in the hands of another person. Choose wisely!

Victor Matara

I help you to save time and live more with the most up-to-date lists, guides, reviews, and advice.