List of Cheapest Airlines in Kenya

Who said travelling in Kenya using a plane has to be expensive? We’ve scoured to find the most affordable airlines, whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or a longer, more exotic adventure on the other side of the Kenyan Coast. The list you are going to see below will comprise of airlines which offer local travel solutions.

List of Cheapest Airlines to travel within Kenya according to 

1.  JamboJet

From as low as 4,200 to Mombasa

2. Skyward Express

From as low as 4,500 to Mombasa

3. Silver Stone Air

From as low as 4500 to Kisumu


From as low as  4,950 from Nairobi to Eldoret

4. Fly540

From as low as 5,270 to Mombasa

5. Fly Sax 

From as low as 9,661 to Mombasa

Airlines recommendable for Safaris  

1. Safarilink

From as low as $ 208  to Mara

2. Air Kenya 

From as low as $ 248 to Mara

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