List Of Chilli Exporters In Kenya

This is a list of chilli exporters in Kenya. Kenya exports about 3,000 tonnes of chilli to the European market. Kenyan chilli is widely loved and stands out among the best.

Here is a list of chilli exporters in Kenya.

1. AAA Growers

AAA Growers is the largest commercial grower and exporter of chillies out of Kenya. The company has grown and exported chilli for over five years and the experience has enabled them to provide a consistent year-round supply of the full range. They grow varieties of chillies such as Bird eye, Jalapeno, Serenade and Habareno.

Contact: 020 445 3975.


2. Equator Kenya

Equator Kenya is an established private company on the Kenyan Coast that grows and exports premium quality African bird’s eye chillies. The chillies are exported to Europe, US and Japan.

Contacts: 0722 509 267, 0704 492 439.


3. Selina Wamucii Ltd

The company grows and exports fresh Kenya chillies from Kenya to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


4. Janifresh Limited

Since its inception in 2013, Janifresh has been committed to exporting premium quality products such as chilli to the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

Contact: 0726 758 227.


5. Mace Foods

Mace Foods is a market leader in Europe of African bird’s eye chillies premium grade, a top product for high-quality conscious customers. The company has its headquarters in Eldoret.

Contact: 0720 391 290.


6. Greenvale Exporters Ltd

The company specialises in the export of chilli pepper, cereal grains, ground nuts, cashew nuts, green cardamom and condiments.

Contacts: 0713 321 274, 0786 742 220.


7. Frutplanet

Frutplanet is a leading export company that specifically exports quality chillies, fruits and vegetables to the European market.

Contact: 0798 799 211.


8. Mula Exports Limited

Mula Exports is Global GAP/GRASP certified to produce and export chillies, fruits, herbs and vegetables to Asia, Europe and the Gulf. The company grows and exports different varieties of chilli.

Contact: 0758 913 689.


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