5 Times When thieves broke into Kenyan Churches and stole Millions of Shillings

Cases of thieves breaking into churches and going away with millions of shillings are not strange in Kenya. The sad thing about such cases is that most churches hold numerous fundraisers throughout the year to get money. Today, we have highlighted the top 5 cases where we saw thieves breaking into churches and eventually going away with a lot of money.

1.Nairobi Lighthouse Church Robbery

This is the mother of all robberies to ever happen in Kenyan churches.  Back in 2012 July, at least 15 robbers stormed the church which is based near Nairobi’s City Stadium and swept pockets of the believers empty on broad daylight. Check out the video below courtesy of KTN Kenya ;

2.Theft at African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa in Kangaru, Embu

This happened a few months ago ( March 20) where thieves broke into the Embu based church on a weekend and stole amplifiers and other equipment worth more than Ksh 500,000.

3. St Joseph Chuka Catholic Church theft, TharakaNithi

This happened in the month of June in 2017 where a gang of thugs reportedly entered the church compound close to midnight and stole all the church offering. Reports from the church priest said that the thieves made away with a lot of cash.

4. Neno Evangelist Centre Robbery, Eldoret

This took place in June 2014 when armed robbers broke into the Eldoret town based church and made away with television sets, sound mixers, and woofers all worth of shillings.

5. St Monica Catholic Church, Nyeri

This was a funny one. A young man by the name Joseph Kiarie broke into the church and stole money to maintain his relationship back in 2008.

Victor Matara

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