List of CIC Insurance Products and Branches In Kenya

This is a list of all CIC insurance products and branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. Cooperative Insurance Company of Kenya Limited (CIC) was established in 1968 as a department within the Kenya National Federation of Cooperatives. It specializes in general and life insurance business.

CIC General Insurance Products 

Their general insurance products include motor insurance, marine insurance, agriculture insurance, personal accident insurance, school products ( school bus insurance and school guard insurance), Mjengo plus, Biashara Salama, Travel insurance, sports person’s policy, domestic package, burglary and consequential loss.

1.Motor Motor Insurance 

They have two policies in this category; CIC Lady Auto and Motor Commercial Plus.

  • CIC Lady Auto – This product is designed for a lady and her nuclear family. This policy has benefits such a courtesy car
    maximum of 24 days subject to an excess of the first three days and a personal accident cover.
  • Motor Commercial Plus- This policy ensures that you are fully covered by providing financial protection in case of road accidents or destruction due to riots or theft. It also provides coverage and repair facilitation across and within the COMESA region.

2. Marine Insurance 

This cover provides compensation for loss or damage to goods while being imported/ or if they get lost while being shipped.

3. Agriculture Insurance 

This product has two policies; Livestock Insurance and Crop Insurance.

  • Livestock Insurance- This cover helps farmers in time of livestock death, theft or terminal disease where they get compensation.
  • Crop Insurance – This policy is used by farmers to protect themselves against either loss of crops revenue due to adverse weather conditions, natural disasters such as drought, floods, fire, excessive rainfall, wind storms, snow damage, hail damage, new strains of disease and uncontrollable pests.

4. Personal Accident 

There are two policies under this category; CIC Jilinde Personal Accident Policy and Family Personal Accident.

  • CIC Jilinde Personal Accident Policy – This policy also ensures that your employees’ dependents are taken care of.
  • Family Personal Accident- This policy is designed to provide a comprehensive family cover to provide a much needed financial aid in the event of injury, disability or death caused solely by violence and accidents.

5. School Products 

They offer two policies under this category; CIC School Bus Insurance and CIC School Guard Policy.

  • CIC School Bus Insurance- It covers school buses and provides financial protection against physical damage.
  • CIC School Guard Policy – It covers educational premises such as playgrounds, classes, laboratories and dorms are covered against loss or damage to property thus no disruption in learning.

6.Travel Insurance Cover

It covers accidents, loss of baggage, cash and travel documents, illnesses, delays and flight cancellation when travelling.

7. Sports Person’s Policy

It provides cover for accidental deaths, permanent disability and loss of limbs/ body parts to a sportsperson.
8.Domestic Package
It provided cover for fire, terror attacks, and earthquakes to homeowners. Household appliances are protected against theft, explosions and fire. Third-party liabilities and domestic employees are also covered from accidental bodily injury or death.
9.Property Owners Insurance
This cover protects homeowners financially in the event your property is damaged in a covered peril. Tenants and employees are protected under this policy.
10. Burglary
This policy provides protection against incidents of theft or damage to your property during burglary or attempts at burglary.
11. Consequential Loss
This cover helps business owners to resume business operations after property or equipment is damaged through a natural disaster such as a fire accident.
CIC Insurance Life Insurance Products

For life insurance, they offer the following policies; CIC Bima Credo, CIC Academia Policy, Group Life Assurance, Keyman Policy, CIC Invest Plan Policy, Jikinge, CIC Jipange Pension Plan, CIC Family Protector Policy, The Board Members Insurance Plan, Annuity Plan, CIC Last Expense Plan, CIC Smart Saver Policy, Mepip and Loan Guard.

1.CIC Bima Credo

This is a last expense cover accessible once you purchase Safaricom prepaid airtime through till number 181818. The beneficiary is entitled to a maximum sum assured of KES 200,000 in case of death of the insured life and the sum assured grows cumulatively as one purchases airtime.

2. CIC Academia Policy

This policy safeguards your child’s educational future in the event of your unexpected death or disability.

3. Group Life Assurance

This policy ensures your employees’ families are secured in case of accidents or death. Dependents get compensated in the form of money that is usually a fixed amount or a multiple of your employee’s salary in the event of death.

4. Keyman Policy

This policy protects employees who hold key pillars of any business. The company gets compensation on whatever income they got in case death strikes thus no loss is incurred. Their dependants are also taken care of.

5. CIC Invest Plan Policy

This policy enables one to obtain a loan at 85% of the surrender value in the future. This applies to policyholders aged between 18 and 60 years have been active for over 3 years and are need of a loan. Optional benefits in the case of disability, critical illness, accidents and funeral expenses are available.

6. Jikinge 

This policy covers your guards against accidents and death.

7.CIC Jipange Pension Plan

This policy guarantees contribution into a pension fund. The earnings on this fund will then generate income upon retirement.

8. CIC Family Protector Policy

This policy ensures the future of dependents is secured in the event of an untimely death of the family’s breadwinner.

9. The Board Members Insurance Plan

This policy insures board members since they hold key pillars in any company. Insuring board members under this cover provides a financial protection plan when they finally retire.
10.CIC Annuity Plan
This policy ensures that once you hit 50 you have guaranteed protection by receiving a secure income for life.
11. CIC Last Expense Plan
This policy provides financial relief in the time of loss which helps families deal with grief rather than worry about funeral expenses.
12. CIC Smart Saver Policy
It will ensure that you have money secured for future use i.e to meet any financial needs such as getting a home, going for a holiday or even buying a car.
This policy covers members of a SACCO between ages 18 and 75 years old with outstanding loans against death or total permanent disability.

14. Loan Guard

It ensures all loan balances are fully paid in case of death or permanent disability.
CIC Health Insurance Products

They also offer health insurance covers i.e CIC Medisure Corporate, CIC Medisure Family, and CIC Medipack Insurance.

1. CIC Medisure Corporate

It pays all medical needs for corporate groups arising from both illnesses and accidents.

2. CIC Medipack Insurance

Medipack is designed for SMEs. It caters for medical expenses incurred by the insured members and their dependents for either inpatient or outpatient cases. Medipack also caters for maternity, dental and optical expenses.

3. CIC Medisure Family

Policyholders and their dependents are insured against the risk of incurring medical expenses as a result of accidents or sickness.

The expenses covered include;

  • Hospital bed accommodation charges (minus NHIF rebate amount)
  • Pre-existing conditions are declared and accepted
  • Diagnostics for member and spouse
  • Major organ transplant procedures
  • In-patient prescribed physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, nursing care, prescribed drugs/medicine, dressing and diagnostic tests.
  • Non-accident maxillofacial and ophthalmologic, dental surgery subject to authorization
  • Daycare surgery
  • Resident mother/ doctors fee

The Policy Limits range from Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 5,000,000 and comes in six packages;

  • 5,000,000  – CIC Prestige
  • 3,500,000   -CIC Premier
  • 2,000,000  – CIC Superior
  • 1,000,000  – CIC Comprehensive
  • 500,000   –  CIC Standard
  • 300,000   –  CIC Essential

List of CIC Insurance Branches In Kenya and Contacts 

1. CIC Insurance Head office 

Location: CIC Plaza, Mara Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Contacts: (+254) 703 099 120 (020) 282 3000

2. CIC Insurance CBD branch

Location: Reinsurance Plaza, Mezzanine Floor Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi

Contact: +254 703 099 500

3. CIC Insurance Buruburu branch

Location: Mumias Road, Ground Floor, Vision Place, Nairobi,

Contact: +254 773 592 119

4. CIC Insurance Westlands branch

Location: Pamstech House, Woodvale Grove, Nairobi

Contact: 0718 882 826

5. CIC Insurance Mombasa branch

Location: Furaha Plaza, Nkrumah Road, Mombasa

Contact: 0703 099 751

6. CIC Insurance Kilifi branch

Location: Almadina Plaza, Charo Wa Mae Road, Kilifi

Contact: 0739 111 166

7. CIC Insurance Machakos branch

Location: Ngei Road, 2nd Floor, ABC Imani Plaza, Machakos

Contact: (044) 202 0349

8. CIC Insurance Thika branch

Location: Kenyatta Highway, 6th Floor, Thika Arcade, Thika

Contact:067 20209

9. CIC Insurance Kiambu branch

Location: Bishop Magua house, Kiambu Rd, Kiambu

Contact: (066) 202 2038

10. CIC Insurance Nyeri branch

Location: Gakere Road, 3rd Floor, District Co-op Union Building, Nyeri

Contact: (061) 203 0657

11. CIC Insurance  Nyahururu branch

Location: Kimwa Centre, 2nd Floor Kenyatta Rd, Nyahururu

Contact : (065) 203 2055

12. CIC Insurance Nanyuki branch

Location: Pearl Place, 1st floor, Laikipia

Contact: 0703 099 770

13. CIC Insurance Embu  branch

Location: Embu-Meru Highway, opposite Consolidated Bank, 3rd Floor, Sparkos Building, Embu

Contact: 0703 099 900

14. CIC Insurance  Meru branch

Location: Ghana Street, 1st Floor, Bhatt Building

Contacts: (064) 313 0869, (064) 313 0591

15. CIC Insurance Kisumu branch

Location: Oginga Odinga Road, Mezzanine floor, Wedco Centre, Kisumu

Contact: (057) 202 5063

16. CIC Insurance Kakamega branchLocation: Kisumu-Kakamega Road, Ground Floor, Walia’s Centre, Kakamega

Contacts: (056) 203 0242 

17. CIC Insurance Kisii branch

Location: Hospital Road, Opposite KCB Bank, 2nd Floor, Magsons Plaza, Kisii

Contact: 0725 987 183

18. CIC Insurance Bungoma branch

Location: Hospital Road, 3rd Floor, Bungoma Teachers SACCO Plaza, Bungoma

Contact: (055) 203 0121

19. CIC Insurance Homa Bay branch

Location: Cold Springs, Homa Bay

Contact : 0770 735 827

20. CIC Insurance Nakuru  branch

Location: Mache Plaza, 2nd Floor, Geoffrey Kamau Ave, Nakuru

Contact : (051) 221 6035 (051) 221 7204

21. CIC Insurance Eldoret  branch

Location: Ronald Ngala Street 1st Floor, Co-operative Bank Building, Eldoret

Contact : 0703099660

22. CIC Insurance Kericho  branch

Location: Moi Highway, 2nd Floor, Kipsigis Teachers SACCO Building, Kericho

Contact: 0704 223 400

23. CIC Insurance Kitale  branch

Location: Kitale

Contact: 0703 099951

24. CIC Insurance Naivasha  branch

Location: Eagle Centre, Mbaria Kaniu Road, Naivasha,

Contact: 0703 099 763

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