List Of Companies That Use EPS Panels To Build In Kenya

This is a list of companies that use EPS panels to build in Kenya. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a modern technology for building cost-effective and affordable houses. The new technology was launched in Kenya a few years ago and is being embraced by a good number of people in the construction industry.

Here is a list of companies that use EPS panels to build in Kenya.

1. Nextgen Solutions

Nextgen Solutions is an experienced construction company specialised in constructing EPS panels houses in Kenya. Their EPS panels ensure flexibility in design and are suitable for ceiling, walling and slab.

Contact: 0737 678 617.


2. Koto Housing Kenya

Koto Housing is a fully owned Kenyan company which was established in 2014 as a provider of affordable housing and building technology. Their building system is lightweight Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels that provide permanent formwork to reinforced concrete for columns and beam structures.

Contacts: 0708 108 633, 0789 808 991.


3. Mikooh Exquisite Ltd

Mikooh Exquisite is a real estate company that recognises the growing need for affordable good-quality and exquisite homes and is committed to make it a reality.

Contacts: 0726 233 220, 0735 818 861.


4. CUMA East Africa

They are one of the best EPS contractors in Kenya. They provide modular units from a one bedroom suite to units of any modular size.

Contacts: 0710 745 840, 0790 153 857.

5. Thermoteq Limited

Thermoteq Limited specialises in the production and construction of prefabricated sandwich panels with expanded polystyrene. The company’s products are ideal for mining camps, schools, clinics, offices, accommodation units and for the low cost housing sector.

Contacts: 0722 925 001, 0728 280 578.


6. Vanmax General Construction Limited

The company undertakes the design, construction, installation and maintenance of buildings using the new Expanded Polystyrene Panel (EPS) building technology.

Contacts: 0721 268 244, 0737 570 235.


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