List Of Convenience Food Stores In Kenya

This is a list of convenience food stores in Kenya. Convenience stores are small retail businesses that stock a range of items, especially foodstuffs and drinks. They are suitable for those on short shopping trips. Most of the convenience stores in Kenya are located at petrol stations.

Here is a list of some of the convenience stores in Kenya.

1. Marhaba Convenience Shops

Marhaba Convenience Shops are located in all Ola Energy service stations in the country. They offer convenience shopping with a wide variety of food products in a congenial and friendly environment.

2. Bonjour Shops

They are one-stop shops in all Total Energies stations countrywide. The Bonjour shops convenience stores concept offers a product range that has national and cross border appeal as the brands stocked have instant recognisability.

3. Miramesa Food Market

Miramesa is a chain of convenience food stores in Kenya, mostly located in Nairobi. The stores create access to safe and healthy food at affordable prices, from groceries, fruits, vegetables, cereals, bakery and juicebar.

4. Shell Convenience Stores

Due to the fact that customers are looking for more than just a fill-up when they drive into Shell Petrol Stations, the company offers convenience retail with well-stocked, attractive welcome and shell select shops where you will find excellent levels of service.

5. Trusted Solutions Kenya

It is an online convenience store and delivery service offering services such as grocery shopping, clothing, furniture shopping and delivery services.

6. Enjoy

Enjoy is Rubis Energy youthful, fun, vibrant and dependable convenience store brand that offers a world class shopping experience. The stores provide an ambient space with fully stocked shelves and excellent customer services, offering a one stop solution to customer shopping needs on the go.

7. Pantry & Provisions

Pantry & Provisions is your friendly neighborhood grocery store and cafe which is brimming with wholesome, healthy and tasteful food choices for you. The stores are located in different parts of Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya.

8. L’Express

L’Express is a convenience store brand managed by Lexo Energy. The main aim of the brand is to provide all road users with premium services and products, from foodstuffs to other necessities.

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