List Of Cooking Gas Companies In Kenya

This is a list of cooking gas companies in Kenya. The list focuses on companies that are accredited by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority to trade in LPG, which is the cleanest source of cooking used by most households in Kenya.

Here is a list of cooking gas companies in Kenya.

1. Vivo Energy

Vivo Energy is a leading cooking gas company which supplies LPG to commercial customers under the Afrigas brand which is available in 6kg and 13kg cylinders.

2. Rubis Kenya

Rubis is the company behind K-gas which is the number one cooking gas in Kenya, trusted by consumers for safety and reliability. K-gas is available to retail customers in 6kg, 13kg, 35kg and 50kg cylinders at service stations and authorised dealers countrywide.

3. National Oil Corporation

The company launched its Supagas brand of cooking gas into the Kenyan market in 2008. Since then, it has grown to become a leading brand in the country, commanding a sizeable market share. Supagas is available to customers at the company’s service stations and appointed distributors including supermarkets.

4. Total Energies 

Total Energies is one of the leading distributors of LPG for domestic and commercial use in Kenya. The LPG is marketed and distributed under the brand name Total Gas. The gas is available in 3kg, 6kg, 13kg, 22.5kg and 50kg cylinders.

5. Hass Petroleum

Hass Petroleum delivers clean, safe and reliable energy to homes and businesses across the region through retail networks, distributors and trade partnerships. The company’s brand is Hass Gas which is well known for its distinguished safety features.

6. Galana Oil

Galana Oil is the company behind Delgas which guarantees safety, quality, correct quantity and value for money. Delgas comes in 6kg, 13kg, 45kg and 50kg cylinders.

7. Progas

Progas is currently the most selling gas brand in Kenya. It’s available in a 6kg and 13kg cylinder packages and guarantees safety and reliability.

8. Petrocity Africa

Petrocity Africa is the company behind the Petgas brand which comes in packages of 6kg, 13kg and 50kg. The gas is available in all retail Petrocity petrol stations, selected distributors and supermarkets in Kenya.

9. Sea Gas Kenya

The company is licensed by EPRA to provide LPG gas in Kenya and East Africa. Their superior quality LPG cylinders under the brand name Sea Gas is available in 3kg, 6kg, 13kg and 50kg cylinders.

10. M-Gas

M-Gas is using technology to transform lives by providing clean cooking gas to all Kenyans 24 hours, 7 days a week. The company gives you a cylinder filled with gas, a smart meter, a gas cooker and a key card as part of the package.

11. Multi Energy Ltd

Multi Energy is among the top LPG suppliers and distributors in Kenya. The company’s brand is Mengas which is mainly available in Western Kenya.

12. OLA Energy

OLA Energy is behind the OLA gas brand which is available in different sizes to suit your needs. This includes 6kg, 13kg and 40kg cylinders which are safe, reliable and affordable.

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