List of Corporate Insurance Products and Branches in Kenya

This is a list of Corporate Insurance products and branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. Corporate Insurance has been operating in Kenya since 1982. It specializes in general and life insurance business.

Corporate General Insurance Products 

1. Fire and Perils Insurance

This policy which covers property against the risks of fire, lightning and explosion.

2. Consequential Loss

It covers the consequences that result from fire damage so that the insured can continue operating to avoid losing productive capacity or future earning power.

3. Domestic Package Insurance

It covers homeowners and renters of residential property against loss of the residential building or as a result of fire, lightning and explosion or theft of contents of a residential property.

4. All Risks Insurance

This policy covers the insured’s property against theft of property covered.

5. Money Insurance

This policy provides cover for loss of money whilst in transit, in premises during business hours and in premises in a locked safe or strong room out of business hours.

6. Goods in Transit Insurance

This policy covers loss of or damage to goods whilst in transit by road or rail.

7. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This cover indemnifies the employer against direct pecuniary loss and loss of stock which may result from acts of dishonesty by an employee in the course of his employment.

8. Public Liability Insurance

The policy protects insureds against legal liabilities to third parties for both bodily injuries and for loss of or damage to property which happens in connection with the business.

9. Contractors All Risks Insurance

This policy will indemnify the insured against accidental loss or damage to temporary and permanent works, equipment or material whilst in the course of construction until handed over by the Contractor to the Employer.

10. Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This policy covers unforeseen and physical loss or damage to machinery.

11. Work Injury Benefits Insurance (WIBA)

The policy covers employers against liability for bodily injury, death or disease sustained by employees arising out of and in the course of their employment.

12. Personal and Group Personal Accident Insurance

This policy covers bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means resulting directly and independently of any other cause in death, disablement or medical expenses.

13. Motor Insurance

This policy covers both private vehicles and commercial vehicles, comprehensively or for Third Party Risks.

14. Professional Indemnity

This is an insurance that indemnifies professionals like lawyers, engineers, doctors, accountants, public officials and others against liability for financial or personal injury to clients or others due to own neglect or error of employees or partners.

15. Marine Insurance

This insurance will cover loss or damage to goods whilst being transported by sea or air.

16. Employers Liability

This Policy covers employers against legal liability under common law for damages and claimants costs and expenses of litigation (including all costs and expenses incurred by the insured) brought against them by an employee alleging negligence on their part.

17. Theft Insurance

This policy covers the insured’s property against theft of property covered following a forceful entry into and or exit from the premises covered.

18. Political Violence Terrorism and Sabotage

This policy covers loss or damage to property caused terrorism, sabotage or political violence.

Corporate Life Insurance Products 

Individual Life Assurances

These products are designed to meet the financial and security needs of individuals, both the employed. These products include; education policies, saving plans and investment policies.

  • Endowment Assurance – This policy is designed to enable a client build up a fund that will assist to meet future financial obligations such as the purchase of property, major ceremonies like wedding, start a business, retirement fund etc.
  • Anticipated Endowment – The product is suitable for someone who wants to build up a fund over time but can at the same time encash some funds along the way to pay for financial needs like a deposit for a mortgage, international holiday etc
  • Corporate Super Educator – enables parents and guardians to build up a fund that will be used to guarantee the education of their children.
  • Corporate Educator Plus- This is a combination of insurance protection, saving and security that allows you to prepare for the ever-increasing cost of education. The plan is designed to cater for your child’s school and university fee payable at the selected year of maturity.
  • Whole Life Assurance – It is a life assurance policy that provides a cover for the whole life of life assured.
  • Term Assurance – This is a policy that is tailored to provide cover for a certain period of time i.e a loan.
  • Mortgage Protection- This is a product designed to provide cover for mortgage loans.
  • Duo-Life- This is a combination of the anticipated endowment and whole life assurances
  • Family Flex- Designed to cover the family as a unit i.e. cover extends to both parents and up to 4 children.

Group Life Assurances 

These products offer financial security by providing compensation against the risks of death and disability to the life assured in the course of employment. This cover is taken by the employer as a benefit to employees.

  • Group Life Assurance/Death in Service – The aim of this cover is to help compensate employees’ dependant when your employee losses their income due to death or disability. This cover is active until the employee resigns from work
  • Group Funeral Cover – The cover guarantees to avail funds to finance funeral expense in respect of a deceased member of the scheme.
  • Group Credit Protection- This is an insurance policy designed to pay off a borrower’s debt if the borrower dies.
  • Group Mortgage Protection -It offers mortgagees cover to protect their mortgage outlay.

Travel Insurance 

It is aimed at making travel hassle-free and gives you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you know you are covered.

Corporate Travel Benefits/Covers

• Medical and related expenses
• Baggage
• Travel Inconveniences
• Personal Accident
• Passive war & Terrorism
• Hijack, Hostage and wrongful detention
• Personal Liability
• Legal expense abroad
• Travel Assistance

Corporate Travel Plans

• Gold

• Silver

• Basic

• Schengen

• Students Cover

• East Africa (Africa)

• Inbound

List of Corporate Insurance Branches in Kenya 

1. Corporate Insurance Head office

Location: International House, Mama Ngina Street,

Contact: : 0728 700093 / 020 2717617 , 020 7658000

2. Corporate Insurance Mombasa Branch 

Location: Corporate House, Mvita Road, Off  Treasury Road

Contact: 041 2225190 / 2229231

3. Corporate Insurance Kisumu Branch

Location: Reinsurance Building, Oginga Odinga Rd, Kisumu

Contact: 057 2025703

4. Corporate Insurance Town Branch

Location: 5th & 6th Floor, St. Ellis House, Wabera Street

Contacts:020 2230420/ 2230880, 311916,311703

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