List Of Cremation Centres In Kenya

This is a list of cremation centres in Kenya. There are very few cremation centres in the country. Most of them are Hindu crematoriums. Despite being Hindu crematoriums, they are open to other members (non-Hindus).

Cremation is considered taboo in most parts of the country. Very few people have embraced it as an alternative to the normal way of burial.

It generally involves reducing the body to its basic elements by exposing it to intense heat, open flames and evaporation, in a designed furnace called a cremation chamber.

Cremation Cost In Kenya

The cost of cremation in most of the cremation centres ranges between Kshs 10,000 to 30,000.

Here is a list of some of the known cremation centres in Kenya.

1. Kariokor Crematorium 

Kariokor Crematorium is the largest and most popular cremation centre in Kenya that has been in existence for a long time. Many prominent personalities have been cremated at the Kariokor Crematorium. It is located in Nairobi, tucked between Kariokor and the popular Gikomba open-air market.

Charges are Kshs 10,000 for members (Hindus) and Kshs 22,500- 30,000 for non-Hindus.

2. Lang’ata Crematorium

Lang’ata Crematorium is also one of the well-known cremation centres located in Nairobi, right within Lang’ata Cemetery.

Charges are Kshs 12,000 for a child and Kshs 16,800 for an adult.

3. Kisumu Hindu Crematorium

It is a Hindu Crematorium located next to Ismailia Cemetery, along the Kisumu-Busia Road. It is also open to non-Hindus.

4. Hindu Crematorium Eldoret

The crematorium is located in Eldoret West Indies. It is the only cremation centre in Eldoret.

5. Hindu Crematorium Thika

It is a Hindu crematorium located near Thika War Cemetery, just within Thika town.

6. Nakuru Hindu Crematorium

It is a Hindu cremation centre located next to Nakuru South Cemetery.

7. Hindu Crematorium Nyeri

The cremation centre is located near Chania River. It is a Hindu crematorium and the only cremation centre in the region.

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