List Of Daima Sacco Branches In Kenya

This is a list of Daima Sacco branches in Kenya. Daima Sacco is a rural-based financial institution operating in Embu County and aims to operate in the country as a whole. It is one of the largest deposit-taking Saccos in Kenya with an asset base of 1.65 billion.

The Sacco was established and registered under the Cooperative Societies Act on 16 April 1991. It draws its membership mainly from tea growers who are paid through the Sacco by KTDA.

In 2010, the Sacco opened its FOSA operation as a way of attracting more members from the wider community and rebranded from Mungania Tea Growers Sacco to Daima Sacco.

The Sacco’s main aim is to promote the economic interest of members by encouraging thrift through the mobilisation of deposits, savings and investment.

Daima Sacco Products & Services

1. Advances

  • Crop advance.
  • Salary advance.
  • Tender advance.
  • Biashara advance.
  • Maziwa advance.
  • Coffee advance.
  • Pesa chapchap.
  • Bonus advance.

2. Loans

  • Business loans.
  • Tea loan.
  • Coffee loan.
  • Development loan.
  • Salaried loan.
  • Micro-credit loan.
  • Tender loan.
  • Maziwa loan.
  • Youth loan.

3. FOSA Products

  • Ordinary savings account.
  • Bidii savings account.
  • Junior savings account.
  • Group account.
  • Joint account.
  • Holiday account.
  • Business account.
  • Company account.
  • Fixed deposit account.

Other Services

  • Pension/ salary processing.
  • Sale of cheques.
  • Loan insurance/funeral cover.
  • Mpesa/super agency services.
  • Members education.
  • Safe custody.
  • ATM through sacco line.

List Of Daima Sacco Branches In Kenya

1. Head Office

Location: Manyatta Market, Embu County.

Contact: 0758 362 003.


2. Manyatta Branch

Location: Manyatta Town.

3. Kathangariri Branch

Location: Kathangariri Market.

4. Kiriari Branch

Location: Kiriari Town, Embu County.

5. Kianjokoma Branch

Location: Kianjokoma Town.

6. Ishiara Branch

Location: Ishiara Town.

7. Kibugu Branch

Location: Kibugu Market.

8. Embu Branch 

Location: Embu Town.

9. Kiritiri Branch

Location: Kiritiri Market.

10. Siakago Branch

Location: Siakago Town.

Agents Outlets

  • Kavutiri market.
  • Muchagori market.
  • Kathande market.
  • Kanyumbura market.
  • Makima market.
  • Embu town- Dallas.
  • Kairuri shopping centre.
  • Kagumori shopping centre.
  • Kathangariri market.
  • Kibugu- Kangethia shopping centre.
  • Kanja market.
  • Kamumu market.
  • Kiritiri market.
  • Mbuvori market.
  • Keria market.

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