List Of Dubai Recruitment Agencies In Kenya

Kenyans who have an interest in jobs like electricians, plumbing, fire alarm technicians, housemaids, and nannies to name just a few can link up with these recruitment agencies to be guided on how to get a job and settle in Dubai. A majority of them help one get his/her visa, link you to an employer and make sure you arrive safely.

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1. Forbes Global Limited

Contact: 0717 254 627/0717 268 563/0772 969 600

2. Elmvale Agency

Contact: 0722 359558

3. Alshira Travel Tourism & Recruitment Service

Contact : +254735 965285

4. Al-Jamana Ltd

Contact : +254708993333

5. Derimel Recruiting Agency

Contact: 0720664574

6. Gulf Manpower Recruiting Agency

Contact: 0722304787


7. Talent Quest Africa Ltd 

Contact :  +254-722-802400

8.  FSI Worldwide

Contact : +254 713 080980

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