List Of Duty Free Shops In Kenya

This is a list of duty-free shops in Kenya. Duty-free shops are retail outlets whose goods and products are exempt from payment of taxes and duties.

The goods are mainly sold to travellers who pay taxes and duties in their destination countries. Most of the duty-free shops in Kenya are located in airports such as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport and Wilson Airport.

Here is a list of duty-free shops in Kenya

1. Nairobi Diplomatic Duty Free

Nairobi Diplomatic Duty Free is a duty-free shop that has everything to meet the needs of shoppers. It stocks a wide range of products such as food, fragrance, cosmetics and liquor.

Location: The Village Market, Limuru Road.

Contact: 020 712 5680.

2. Maya Duty Free

Maya Duty Free is a company focused on providing the best duty-free retail shops for travellers from all over the world. It operates 9 retail outlets in JKIA, 4 retail outlets at Moi International Airport and 1 retail outlet at Wilson Airport.

Contact: 0722 755 763.

3. Siamanda Duty Free

Siamanda Duty Free is a duty-free shop that offers amazing shopping experiences for passengers from all walks of life. It offers a variety of products such as confectionery, liquor, cosmetics and fragrance.

Location: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Contact: 0714 275 060.

4. Dufry Kenya

Dufry Kenya is dedicated to offering you the ultimate travel shopping experience. It offers an unparalleled selection of local and global brands of cosmetics, confectionery, local food, fragrance, fine wine, whiskies and authentic African souvenirs.

Location: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Contact: 020 780 0520.

5. Suzan Duty Free

Suzan Duty Free is a retail company currently operating four shops at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It offers products such as fragrances, cosmetics, confectionery, electronics, apparel, liquor and tobacco products.

Contact: 0736 846 467.

6. Kenya Duty Free Complex

Kenya Duty Free Complex is a duty-free retail outlet offering everything that a traveller needs, from local food, cosmetics, fragrance to fine wine and authentic whiskies.

Location: Moi International Airport.

Contact: 0727 828 681.

7. Safari Duty Free

Safari Duty Free is a one-stop shop for all your duty-free shopping. It guarantees you a world-class experience by offering a wide range of products.

Location: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Terminal 2 & Moi International Airport.

Contact: 0792 688 376.

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