List Of East African Breweries Limited (EABL) Brands

This is a list of East African Breweries Limited (EABL) brands. EABL is East Africa’s leading branded alcohol beverage business with an outstanding collection of brands that range from beer, spirits and adult non-alcoholic drinks, reaffirming its stand as a total adult beverage company.

With breweries, distilleries, support industries and a distribution network across the region, EABL’s diversity is an important factor in delivering the highest quality brands to East African consumers and long-term value to East African investors.

EABL’s diversity as a robust regional company is revealed in its subsidiaries which are;

1. Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL)

KBL has been a leading brewer in Kenya since it began operation in 1922. It is located in Ruaraka.

2. UDV (K) Limited

It was established in 1962. Its core business is in the manufacture, marketing and sales of spirit-based alcoholic beverages.

3. East African Maltings Limited

The company is located in the Industrial Area of Nairobi. It plays a vital role in supplying quality brewing raw materials in the form of malt, barley and sorghum to EABL.

4. Serengeti Breweries Limited

It is a leading beer and spirits company based in Tanzania. It has for over 2 decades built a reputation for quality and grown to play a major role as an investor, local manufacturer and employer.

5. Uganda Breweries Limited

It has been a leading brewer in Uganda since it began operation in 1946. The brewery is continuously modernised and its operating capacity expanded.

List of EABL Brands

1. Beers

  • Allsops Lager.
  • Balozi.
  • Bell.
  • Pilsner Lager.
  • Serengeti Lite.
  • Tusker.
  • Tusker Cider.
  • Guinness.
  • Guinness Smooth.
  • Guinness Hop House Lager.
  • Serengeti.
  • Senator.
  • Tusker Lite.
  • Tusker Malt.
  • White cap.

2. Spirits

  • Baileys Delight.
  • Baileys Cream.
  • Captain Morgan.
  • Guilbeys Gin.
  • Gordon’s.
  • Johnie Walker.
  • Kane Extra.
  • Orijin.
  • Richot.
  • V&A.
  • VAT 69.
  • Tangueray.
  • Black & White.
  • Chrome Vodka.
  • J.B.
  • Kenya Cane.
  • Mr Dowell’s.
  • Smirnoff.
  • Snapp.
  • Uganda Waragi.

3. Non Alcoholic Drinks

  • Alvaro.

East African Breweries Limited Contacts

Head Office: Garden City Business Park, Block A, 5th Floor, Nairobi.

Contacts: 020 864 4000/ 0711 018 000/ 0721 985 566.

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