List Of eHealth Providers In Kenya

This is a list of eHealth providers in Kenya. E-health is a practice that involves the use of electronic processes or information and communication technologies to handle all functions and services in the healthcare sector.

In no particular order, here is a list of e-health providers in Kenya.

1. Xelpha Health

Xelpha is a digital healthcare solutions company that provides universal management support and business intelligence for healthcare organisations. The company channels technology to facilitate engagement between health providers and patients.


2. Medbit Kenya

Medbit is a social enterprise that has partnered with a pool of accredited healthcare professionals to provide a platform where one can search for, book and pay for healthcare services and institutionalized care in real-time. All this is possible through an Android smartphone.

3. Sisu Global Health

Sisu Global offers affordable and value-based healthcare by delivering medical devices designed for the needs of emerging markets.


4. MyDawa

MyDawa is Kenya’s first registered online pharmacy that offers a platform to authenticate all prescription and non-prescription medicine bought. The platform offers a wide range of quality prescription medicine, over the counter medicine and supplements.

Contact: +254 20 521 9999


5. Unumed

It is an all in one hospital management system that enables optimized hospital management and improves delivery of healthcare services.

6. mHealth Kenya

This company leverages on technology to develop and implement scalable digital solutions for better health, especially in the areas of HIV/AIDS management, response to public health emergencies and supporting healthcare workers to deliver on health.

Contact: 0721 754 986


7. Health E Net

Health E Net makes high quality medical consultations accessible to everyone, by linking medical skills all over the world to places where they are in desperately short supply.

8. MedAfrica

It is a mobile healthcare app that allows patients to have healthcare that is accessible, affordable and personalized.

9. Access Afya

This company is behind the mDaktari app that helps patients manage their health conveniently over the phone. They provide consultations, prescriptions, lab referrals and coaching.


10. Nyumbani Medics

Nyumbani Medics is a web platform that brings together a team of health practitioners who offer quality and affordable healthcare services such as home health care, personal injury care, personal diagnosis and body check ups.

Contact: 0748 302 614

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