List Of Elected MPs In Mandera County

Here is a list of all elected Members of Parliament (MPs) in Mandera County as per the 2022 general election. Mandera County has six constituencies; Mandera West, Banissa, Mandera North, Mandera South, Mandera East, and Lafey. The county is headed by Governor Mohamed Adan Khalif.

MPs represent people from these constituencies in the National Assembly. Members of parliament in Kenya are also involved in the making and amending of laws. Below is a list of MPs in Mandera County.

List Of MPs In Mandera County

Constituency  MP Party
Mandera West Adan Haji Yussuf UDM
Mandera North Bashir Sheikh Abdullahi UDM
Mandera South Abdul Ebrahim Haro UDM
Mandera East Husseinweytan Mohamed Abdirahman ODM
Lafey Mohamed Abdi Abdirahman Jubilee

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