List Of Estates In Nairobi With Most Dangerous Buildings

The National Construction Authority (NCA) of Kenya has been in the recent past so radical against avaricious landlords who want to set up residential buildings hastily and have tenants already occupying them even if the construction is not through.

They have also been so hard on buildings which have not followed the due building process or are generally unfit for habitation. Many unfit buildings within Nairobi have been brought down and other more earmarked for destruction with eviction notices being issued to tenants. Many other buildings in major towns outside Nairobi are also unfit for habitation but tenants are staying there despite being cautioned of the building’s state.

Below are some of the estates in Nairobi with the highest number of the most unfit buildings.

1. Huruma

2. Thika Road

3. Pipeline

4. Baba Dogo

5. Dagoretti

6. Umoja

7. Nairobi West

8. South B

John Nyabuto

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