List Of Event Ticketing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of event ticketing companies in Kenya. Tickets are basically the paycheck of an event be it corporate or showbiz. Tickets are the major revenue source for artists and all those involved in organizing for the events next to royalties, merchandising and even endorsements.

Rock band U2 and Rolling Stones hold a world record for the highest ticket sales which grossed over $736,421,584 in 110 shows and $558,255,524 in 144 shows respectively. Other top-grossing ticket sales for concerts are for Coldplay, Guns N’ Roses, Madonna, Celine Dion to name just but a few.

More artistes in Kenya are of late shifting their focus to live concerts to make as a living but these concerts have proved to be a headache for most artistes or organizing parties especially on ticketing since salesmen can disappear with the ticket fee or even fake tickets being produced and sold to unsuspecting fans, but thanks to online ticketing sites or E-ticketing sites, event organizers and artistes can now easily organize for concerts without a lot of hindrances.

Here is a look at all ticketing companies you can use to purchase an event ticket online in Kenya.


Mookh allows you to buy tickets of events happening around you. You can see the event’s location on the cards which are found on the site. The tickets are further grouped into categories which make it easier to navigate to get your ticket.

You can then pay for your tickets through M-PESA, VISA or Mastercard.


On Ticketsasa, you can buy or post an event or event tickets. There is no designated place for visitors to the site to view other events across the country but has an option where you can see events according to the country you are in.

You can pay for your tickets through M-Pesa, VISA, MasterCard and through Airtel Money and PesaPal.

3. Kenya Buzz

Owned by Nation Media Group, Kenya Buzz is a diversified platform of ticketing which helps people purchase tickets online and at the same time helping visitors to the site to discover new events.

It’s even better when you are buying tickets to watch a movie since you can choose the exact seats you want, the theatre and have a broader payment platform. You can pay through Visa, M-Pesa, M-Visa- Jambo Pay, MasterCard and even KenSwitch

4. PataTicket

Pataticket Kenya is an online ticketing company that deals with Festival, corporate and outdoor events that require booking through buying tickets. Some of the events listed by PataTicket for ticketing are Live bands, Festive events, Celebrity Events, Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Conferences, Sports, Cultural events, Start-Up events, Lunches and even Social Experiments.

You can make payments for your ticket through the following payment options: M-Pesa, Visa, Pesa pal, American Express, MasterCard, Airtel Money, Pesa Pap. You can also pay directly from your bank like from Krep Bank, ABC Bank, KCB, Cooperative Bank,  Chase Bank and CBA bank.

5. Eventbrite

Though Eventbrite is an American event management company, many Kenyans have preferred it to many other ticketing companies in Kenya when issuing tickets or creating events generally.

One can search for events at Eventbrite according to category, dates and category. Once you state your location, it will list for you all the events near you.


Mtickets is one of the best ticketing companies in Kenya. One good thing with Mtickets is that you can see upcoming events from the moments you load the site with dates and venues indicated in each card.

They have sold over 1.9 million tickets and served more than 63,000 customers since they started out as a ticketing company. Their only payment option is M-Pesa

7. My Ticket

My ticket is a colourful ticketing website which looks strikingly similar to Mticket in many ways. One can browse for upcoming events and even an entire event calendar.

As I had stated before, My Ticket is similar in many ways to Mticket, both of them have featured events at the top of the site. Payment method is through M-Pesa.

8. Tikiti

Tikiti is another online platform for live sport, music and entertainment tickets. Tikiti has partnered with many of Kenya’s leading brands in sport and entertainment and has helped customers from across Kenya access tickets to their favourite events of their choice.


Gig is different from other ticketing companies since it gives your attendees an interactive experience at the event with live content, streaming and venue navigation. It also helps the organizers since they can get instant reports and statistics of their attendees such as demographics and attendance statistics and also helps the organizers to get feedback from those who attended the event which includes suggestions for improvement.

Tickets are bought through M-Pesa and VISA


This is another ticketing company which majors on Sports, Movies, Training, Conferences and even Music Festival events ticketing. Their major payment method is through M-pesa.

11.JoomlaDay Kenya

JoomlaDay is originally from The United States of America. Its events are officially recognized, but not organized, by the Joomladay itself. Payment for tickets is done through other ticketing companies like ticketsasa.



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