List Of Expensive Cars Owned By Rev Lucy Natasha In Photos

With no doubt, Reverend Lucy Natasha is one of the most beautiful pastors we have in Kenya at the moment. The youthful ”fisher of men” has been a talk of social media for a while now in the country. Thanks to her flamboyant lifestyle.  She runs a church by the name Lucy Natasha Ministries along Nairobi’s Kimathi street where she ministers her gospel.

The curvaceous pastor is also an author of 12 books which have sold many copies around the world.  Estimates vary, but she’s easily worth several millions right now. When you have that kind of money, you have to spend it on something, and one thing Rev Natasha loves to spend money on is cars.

She reportedly keeps a fleet of expensive number plate customized cars. With a collection like that, narrowing it down to just a handful was hard, but here are some of the wildest cars Rev Lucy Natasha owns.

1.Toyota Fortuner

2. Toyota Harrier

3. RangeRover

4. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


5. Mercedes Benz

6. LandRover Discovery


The power of money, ladies and gentlemen😃
Victor Matara

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