List of Fidelity Shield Insurance Products and Branches

This is a list of products offered by Fidelity Shield Insurance and its branches in Kenya. It is one of the 56 licensed insurance companies in Kenya by the Insurance Regulatory Authority. The company was incorporated in 1989 primarily to offer life insurance.

Their insurance products are designed to cater for individual and corporate solutions.

Fidelity Shield Insurance Personal solutions 

1. Domestic Package 

This policy provides cover to your home and its contents. Some of the risks covered include fire, falling trees, earthquake, lightning, flood from water tanks and pipes, damage by road vehicles, theft, accidental damage to your electronics, injury at home to your domestic servants, and Injury to visitors to your home.

2. Motor Private 

The Motor policy provides protection against accidental loss or damage to a motor vehicle including the standard accessories and spare parts as well as legal liability. It comes in three covers;

  • Third-Party Only (TPO)- Covers third party liabilities on bodily injury and property damage.
  • Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T)- Covers theft and accidental third party liabilities on bodily injury and property damage.
  • Comprehensive- Covers accidental damage to the vehicle, theft, fire, and third party liabilities on bodily injury and property damage.

3. Golfers Policy

It provides an all risks cover to golfer’s equipment. The cover extends to cover hole in one and personal accident to caddies.

4. Personal Accident

This policy covers bodily injury caused by violent, accidental external, and visible means. The benefits under the policy are compensation for, Death, Permanent Disablement, temporary loss of incomes due to disablement, and Medical Expenses arising from an accident.

5. Travel Insurance

It covers insured against personal accident, medical expenses, death, or injuries arising during the period of travel.

Fidelity Shield Insurance Corporate solutions 

1. All Risks

It provides indemnity against accidental loss or damage to specified items as a result of any cause within the geographic area specified in the policy. This includes theft, riot and strike, breakage, and any other cause not excluded under the policy.

2. Consequential Loss

This cover provides financial compensation when there is an interruption of business operations as a direct result of the perils covered under the fire and perils policy.

3. Goods in Transit

It provides cover for the loss or damage to various types of goods while in transit by road, rail or any inland waterway within the geographical area set out in the policy. The cover can be taken for one-off transit or can be an annual cover.

4. Marine Insurance

It covers against loss of the ship (hull insurance), the cargo, any sums paid in Freight (freight insurance), or any liability to a third party occurring during a sea voyage. The risks listed in marine insurance policies include perils of the seas, fire, war perils, pirates, and seizures.

There are three covers offered under this policy;

Institute cargo clauses ( C)  – This is the shallowest cover offered under marine cargo insurance and provides cover for  the perils named below:

  • General average/salvage charges
  • Indemnity to the assured against such proportions of liability under the contract of affreightment ‘Both to Blame Collision’ Clause.
  • Fire or explosion
  • Vessel or craft being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized
  • Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
  • Collision or contact of a vessel, craft or conveyance with any external object other than water.
  • Discharge of cargo at a port of distress
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by general average sacrifice
  • Loss or damage to goods caused by jettison.


Institute Cargo Clause (B)– In addition to Institute Cargo Clause (C) perils, Institute Cargo Clause (B) covers the perils named below:

  • Washing overboard
  • The entry of sea, lake or river water into the vessel, craft, hold, conveyance, container, lift van, or place of storage.
  • Total loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading on to or unloading from vessel or craft.

Institute Cargo Clause (A) – It covers ‘All Risks’ except the ones listed below.

  • Loss attributed to willful misconduct of the assured
  • Ordinary leakage/loss in weight wear and tear
  • Loss arising out insufficient packing
  • Loss caused by the inherent vice of the nature of goods
  • Loss caused by delay
  • Loss arising from insolvency or financial default of the owners, managers, charterers or operators of the vessel
  • Nuclear exclusion
  • Loss attributed to the unseaworthiness of the vessel where the assured or their servants are privy to such unseaworthiness.

5. Money Insurance Cover

This covers loss of money through robbery or theft whilst:

  • In transit from premises to the bank and vice versa
  • In premise during business hours
  • In premises in locked safes/strong rooms during/outside business hours
  • In custody of authorized employees or directors
  • Revenue stamps and contents the franking machines
  • Damage to safes and/or strong rooms

6. Plate Glass insurance 

The policy provides cover for the insured against loss and/or destruction/damage to glass by accident or misfortune of fortuitous nature cover can be arranged for display signs, fixed glass, and glass partitions in business premises.

7. Burglary Insurance 

This policy provides indemnity against loss or damage to property following forcible or violent entry or exit from the insured’s premises. This covers assets such as office equipment, stock in trade, furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

8. Fire and Allied Perils

It provides cover for loss or damage to property described, caused by fire or lightning. The policy is extended to cover riots, strikes, malicious damage, storm earthquake, and impact by vehicles and other perils. It covers assets such as buildings, plant and machinery, stock insurance, furniture, fixtures and fixtures and fittings, and other office equipment.

9. Machinery breakdown

This policy covers machinery breakdown arising from unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage arising from defects in casting and material, faulty design, faults at the workshop or in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water in boilers, physical explosion, tearing apart on due to centrifugal force, short circuit, storm or from any other cause not specifically excluded in a manner necessitating repair or replacement.

10. Marine Hull & Aviation

It provides cover to the vessel or aircraft. It extends to cover third party liabilities (injuries/damage) to property emanating from the incidences.

11. Motor Commercial

The Motor policy provides protection against accidental loss or damage to a motor vehicle including the standard accessories and spare parts as well as legal liability.

12. Political Risks & Terrorism

This policy provides cover to physical loss or damage to insured’s property or for which the insured is legally responsible directly caused by one or more of the following perils:

  • Act of Terrorism
  • Sabotage
  • Riots, strikes and/or civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Insurrection, revolution or rebellion
  • Mutiny and/or Coup d’Etat
  • War and/or civil war

Contractors All Risks

This policy covers loss or damage arising from contract works such as the construction of buildings, roads, and bridges. It also extends to cover contractors client and equipment and third party liability arising therefrom.

List of Fidelity Shield Insurance Branches in Kenya 

1. Fidelity Shield Insurance Head office

Location: Fidelity Insurance Centre, 5th Floor, Waridi Lane, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands.

Contacts:  020 4225 000, 0709 988 000

2. Fidelity Shield Insurance Nairobi CBD Branch

Location: Transnational Plaza,8th Floor, Mama Ngina Street.

Contacts: +254 20 422 5000,  +254 702 420 747,  254 732 808 089

3. Fidelity Shield Insurance Mombasa Branch

Location: Fidelity Shield Insurance House, Kaunda Street.

Contacts: 041 2312651-4, 269 5236, 0709 988 000

4. Fidelity Shield Insurance Kisumu Branch

Location: Kenya-Re Plaza(Wedco Centre), Shop Unit 2 Block B, Oginga Odinga Street.

Contacts: +254 57 2021739,  +254 728 606 549

5. Fidelity Shield Insurance Eldoret  Branch 

Location: Zion Mall, 1st Floor, Uganda Road.

Contacts: +254 53 2030393, +254 718 406 365

6. Fidelity Shield Insurance Nakuru Branch

Location: West Side Mall, 3rd Floor, Kenyatta lane.

Contacts: +254 710 577 947, +254 733 620 005

7. Fidelity Shield Insurance Thika Branch

Location: Along Kwame Nkrumah Street, Twin Oak Plaza Building – 4th Floor

Contacts: 0709 988 730, 0709 988 300

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