List of First Community Bank Branches In Kenya

This is a list of all First Community Bank branches in Kenya and their contacts. It is a licensed commercial bank that has been operating in the country since​​ 1st June 2008. The Islamic bank is one of the three Sharia-compliant banks in Kenya. Its head office is located at the FCB Mihrab building at the Junction of Kilimani Ring Road and Lenana Road.

First Community Bank Branches In Nairobi

1.First Community Bank Head Office

Location: FCB Mihrab Building Mez1, Ring Road Killimani

Contacts: 0202843000 / 0725843000 / 0789843000

2. First Community Bank Amal Branch

Location: Amal Building, North Eastleigh, First Avenue,

Contacts: 020 2843441, 0715819172

3. First Community Bank Eastleigh One, Garissa Lodge Branch

Location: United Textile Centre, 1st Floor, 1st Avenue
Contacts: 020 2843331, 0720139548, 0710956653
4. First Community Bank Eastleigh Garage Branch
Location: Opposite Kilimanjaro Food Court Eastleigh, General Wairungi Street
Contacts: 020 284331
5. First Community Bank Industrial Area Branch
Location: Enterprise Road Opp. Volvo Showroom
Contacts: 020 2843421 , 0719235559
6. First Community Bank Kimathi Branch
Location: Jamia plaza, Kimathi Street
Contacts: 020 2843351, 0726125834
7. First Community Bank Lunga Lunga Branch
Location: Lunga Lunga Business Centre 1st Floor, Lunga Lunga Road
Contacts: 020 2843431, 0713465898
8. First Community Bank Miharab Branch
Location: FCB Mihrab Building, Lenana Road/Ring Road Kilimani
Contacts: 020 2843451
9. First Community Bank South C Branch
Location: South C Shopping Centre, Muhoho Avenue
Contacts: 020 2843401, 0723985903

10. First Community Bank Wabera Street Branch

Location: Prudential Assurance Building,1st Floor, Wing B, Wabera Street
Contacts: 020 2843301
11. First Community Bank Westlands Branch
Location: Mpaka Plaza, Mpaka Road
Contacts: 020 2843391/392/393, 0726283495
Rest of Kenya
1. First Community Bank Garissa Branch
Location: Bajwed Building Off Kismayu Road
Contacts: 0705484646/ 0718339376/ 0718339376
2. First Community Bank Isiolo Branch
Location: White House Building, Isiolo Moyale Highway
Contacts: 0202843561,  0715818811
3. First Community Bank Kisumu Branch
Location: Wedco Centre, Oginga Odinga Road
Contacts: 020 2843571, 0700031666/ 0700690769

4. First Community Bank Malindi Branch

Location: Malindi Complex, Lamu Road
Contacts: 020 2843501, 0717612548/ 0715819229
5. First Community Bank Mombasa Bondeni Branch
Location: Mombasa Bondeni/Abdel Nasser Road/Bat-Haf Plaza
Contact: 020 2843511
6. First Community Bank Mombasa Digo Branch
Location: Shah Mansion Building, Ground Floor, Digo Road, Opp. GPO
Contacts: 020 2843481, 0715819182/ 0715818828
7. First Community Bank Mombasa Kizingo Branch
Location: Imaara Building, Dedan Kimathi Road
Contacts: 020 2843481, 0700025838/ 0715819004
8. First Community Bank Moyale Branch
Location: Sharif Guest House
Contact: 020 2843551
9. First Community Bank Nakuru Branch
Location: Merika Building, Ground Floor, Kenyatta Avenue
Contacts: 020 2843581, 0728420906/ 0700382321

10.  First Community Bank Wajir Branch

Location: Wajir Town, Garissa Mandera Road next to Kilimanjaro Hotel
Contacts: 020 2843541, 0700382282
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