List Of First World Countries

This is a list of first world countries. First world is a term that was developed in the 1950s when the cold war took place. The term was originally used to describe countries (capitalists) that were aligned with the United States and NATO. They were in opposition to the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, a major factor that led to the evolvement of the meaning of the term first world. It currently describes countries that are developed and industrialised.

Therefore, first world countries are countries characterised by political and economic stability, democracy, high literacy rate, high standard of living, the rule of law and other characteristics.

The most common metrics that are used to determine first world countries include;

1. Human Development Index

This describes the measures used to assess a particular country’s social and economic development. There are three elements or dimensions that institute the Human Development Index. This includes education dimension, standard of living, long and healthy life dimension.

2. Literacy Rate

This is basically the percentage of individuals who are proficient in writing and reading. In most cases, a country with a high percentage of literacy rate is considered to be first world.

3. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the average age from birth that a person is expected to live. This is dependent on the level of health care system of a particular country. First world countries are characterised by a high life expectancy.

4. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Gross Domestic Product is an illustration of the average economic output per person or individual. GDP indicates the economic well being and standards of living of an individual.

List of First World Countries

Based on the metrics discussed above, here is a list of first world countries.

1. Luxembourg

GDP per capita: $118,001.

2. The United States

GDP per capita: $63,416.

3. Japan 

GDP per capita: $42,248.

4. Germany

GDP per capita: $54,076.

5. The United Kingdom

GDP per capita: $44,117.

6. France

GDP per capita: $46,062.

7. Italy

GDP per capita: $40,861.

8. Canada

GDP per capita: $48,720.

9. South Korea

GDP per capita: $44,621.

10. Australia

GDP per capita: $55,218.

11. Spain

GDP per capita: $39,121.

12. Netherlands

GDP per capita: $57,534.

13. Switzerland

GDP per capita: $72,874.

14. Turkey

GDP per capita: $30,253.

15. Sweden

GDP per capita: $54,146.

16. Norway

GDP per capita: $65,800.

17. New Zealand

GDP per capita: $42,018.

18. Iceland

GDP per capita: $55,596.

19. Israel

GDP per capita: $40,547.

20. Ireland

GDP per capita: $94,392.

21. Portugal

GDP per capita: $34,043.

22. Greece

GDP per capita: $28,748.

23. Denmark

GDP per capita: $58,932.

24. Belgium

GDP per capita: $51,096.

25. Austria

GDP per capita: $51,680.

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