List Of Flower Exporters In Kenya

This is a list of flower exporters in Kenya. Kenya is the lead exporter of rose-cut flowers to the European market. Most of the flowers grown in Kenya are meant for export to countries in Europe.

Here is a list of the top flower exporters in Kenya.

1. Frutplanet

Frutplanet has been in the flower export industry for more than five years. The company sources its flowers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ghana. Frutplanet has consistently produced high-quality flowers for years and has become a force to reckon with in the international cut flowers market.

Frutplanet has a vast network of flower farmers and flower specialists who meet the specifications of their clients.

Should you be interested in bulk purchasing flowers, do not hesitate to contact Frutplanet for a quotation.

Contact: 0798 799 211



2. Xflora Group

Xflora Group is a flower-growing and exporting company with flower farms located in Njoro, Nakuru County. The group grows high quality roses for export all over the world.

Contacts: 0733 145 888, 020 231 2888.


3. Subati Group

They are growers and exporters of over 100 varieties of spring and single-head roses. They have large flower farms located on the slope of the Great Rift Valley.

Contacts: 020 204 8483, 020 356 6200.


4. Eco Roses Limited

Eco Roses Limited is part of Black Tulip Group. It has a 24 ha farm located in Salgaa. The company produces and exports rose and hypericum to the global market.


5. Magana Flowers Ltd

The company has over 20 years of experience in growing and exporting flowers to various parts of the world.

Contacts: 0733 615 035, 020 201 765.


6. Black Petals Ltd

Black Petals Ltd is one of Kenya’s leading flower growers and exporters. Major share of the company’s flower exports goes to Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain and Middle East.

Contact: 020 201 7706.


7. Desire Flora

The company grows and exports fresh-cut roses to the European Union.

Contact: 0736 229 980.


8. Red Lands Roses

The company specialises in growing and exporting mini roses as well as T-hybrid roses of the highest quality in a range of around 180 varieties. It has a flower farm in Ruiru.

Contact: 0733 600 518.


9. Primarosa Flowers Ltd

Primarosa Flowers Ltd is one of the biggest producers and exporters of cut blooms over the globe. The flowers are exported to Europe, Middle East, Australia, Russia and Japan.

Contact: 0110 922 570.


10. Mount Elgon Orchards Ke

It is one of the top flower exporting companies in Kenya, specialising in roses.

Contacts: 0735 330 591, 0735 330 592.


11. PJ Dave Flora Ltd

The company produces and exports a wide variety of roses, with a portfolio of more than 20 varieties of both premium and intermediate roses.

Contacts: 0787 635 491, 0748 817 103.


12. Aquila Flowers Ltd

Aquila Flowers Ltd grows quality roses and exports them to Europe and the UK. The company is based in Naivasha.

Contact: 0796 112 493.


13. Branan Flowers

Branan Flowers is a family-run flower farm and company that has consistently produced high-quality roses for over 20 years and has created its mark in the international rose flower market.

Contacts: 0734 424 648, 0724 646 810.


14. Maridadi Flowers Ltd

Location: Naivasha

Contact: 0733 333491

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