List Of Fortune Sacco Branches And Contacts

This article lists all Fortune Sacco branches and their contacts. Fortune Sacco, formerly Kirinyaga District Farmers Sacco Society, is a deposit-taking Sacco that has been in existence since 1972.

The Sacco was initially established to serve Kirinyaga District farmers who were mainly coffee and tea growers. Today, the membership is open to all sectors. Since its establishment, Fortune Sacco has seen tremendous growth. Currently, it has an asset base of over 5.56 billion serving more than 125,000 members – making it one of the largest Saccos in Kenya.

List Of Fortune Sacco Products

a) Loan Products

1. Super Golden Loan

This product targets salaried members.

Loan Term: 96 months

2. Business Loan


  • One must be operating a legally licensed business for not less than 6 months


  • One must have operated a Fortune Sacco account for at least 3 months
  • The business should be in existence for 6 month

Loan Term: 36 months

3. Asset Finance

This product enables individuals, business people, farmers, the employed and youths to acquire assets such as land, motor vehicles, motorcycles, and machines.

Features & Eligibility

  • One must have an active account
  • One must have a source of income
  • The acquired asset will be taken as security for the loan
  • Financing is done up to 70%
  • The borrower should be able to raise 30% of the value of the asset

4. Working Capital Loans

This is a credit facility designed to help small and medium enterprises access funds as working capital.


  • One must have a legally licensed business
  • One must be a member of fortune Sacco for at least three months

5. Maziwa Loans

This product is designed to help dairy farmers to access credit facilities to meet their short-term needs.


  • Two guarantors with equal or higher production
  • One must be a member of fortune Sacco for at least three months

6. Group Enterprise Loans

This product is designed to help active registered group members in meeting short-term and long-term needs.


  • Must have a valid certified group certificate
  • Must have group constitution aligning with fortune group policy
  • The group must be banking at Fortune for at least 8 weeks
  • The group must have at least 5 people
  • Group members co-guarantee each other
  • Accessible to all groups
  • Group members must be undertaking economic activity

7. Zidisha Loans

This loan facility is available to all members with Zidisha shares. The higher the Zidisha shares, the higher the loan amount of interest is 1.12% per month on reducing balance.


  • Must have Zidisha Shares
  • Must be an active Fortune Sacco account holder for at least 3 months

8. Fortune E-Cash Loan

This is a mobile phone credit facility available to all Fortune Sacco members who are registered on the mobile banking platform.


  • To qualify for the loan one must be an active Fortune Sacco savings account
  • No guarantors needed
  • Immediate disbursement
  • No need of visiting the branch
  • Auto approval
  • One must not be listed in the CRB
  • Own Zidisha or backoffice savings

B) Savings Products

1. Mwelekeo Business Savings

This account is designed to be used by business fraternities, companies and institutions. Benefits include; No withdrawal limits, No operating balance, No ledger fees, Access to ATM services, Access to E-Cash mobile Banking, Access to loan facilities, Access to free deposits through mobile merchants, Access to Agency Banking, Account accessible at any Branch and Access to chequebook on request.

2. Premium Savings Accounts

This is an ordinary account designed for day-to-day banking i.e. processing of coffee, tea, milk and salary proceeds.

Benefits include; No withdrawal limits, Zero opening balance, Free deposits charges, Access to loan facility, Access to ATM Services, Access to Agency Banking, Access to E-Cash mobile banking and Access to check book on request.

3. Golden Salary Account

This account is designed to process the salaries of the employed customers.

4. Group Savings Account

This account is designed to encourage groups to save and access credit and grow to their desired potential. Benefits include; Free deposits through fortune merchants (pay bills), Free standing orders and Access to group loans 5times your saving.
5. Maziwa Bora Account
This account is opened to dairy farmers and provides the farmer with a savings account through which all milk transactions can be carried out.
6. Boda Boda Account
This is an account to help Boda Boda operators save and get flexible and affordable financing.

Benefits and features include;  Minimum operating balance of Ksh 500, Visa ATM cards available, Access to mobile banking, Free deposits via fortune merchants and Account accessible to any Branch.

7. Zidisha Savings Account

This is an account designed for daily transactions and savings needs for business, employee salary processing etc.

Benefits & features:

  • Access to instant advance
  • Access to chequebook
  • No monthly charges
  • Access to Visa ATM cards
  • Access to mobile E-Cash services
  • Free deposits via Fortune merchants (Paybills)
  • Access to dividends from Zidisha shares that accrue at 8% interest p.a
  • Access to Zidisha loans with as low as 10.8% p.a
  • Access to 4 times your shares without security & 6 times with security

How To Join Fortune Sacco

Membership is open to anyone.

Requirements for one to become a member are:

  • A copy of the national ID card
  • Entrance fee of Ksh. 100
  • 10 shares each worth Ksh. 100
  • Passport-sized photo taken at the branch.

List Of Fortune Sacco Branches And Contacts

1. Fortune Sacco Head Office

Location: Fortune Plaza, Main Street Road, Opp. ACK Cathedral, Kerugoya Town

Phone: 0724 256 957

2. Sagana Branch

Contact: 0705 522 730

3. Mwea Branch

Contact: 0704 478 876

4. Kagio Branch

Contact: 0795 788 820

5. Kiamutugu Branch

Contact: 0725 790 110

6. Karumandi Branch

Contact: 0725 790 178

7. Kianyaga Branch

Contact: 0725 790 276

8. Kimunye Branch

Contact: 0725 790 280

9. Kutus Branch

Contact: 0725 789 787

10. Kagumo Branch

Contact: 0725 790 188

11. Kibirigwi Branch

Contact: 0725 790 297

12. Baricho Branch

Contact: 0725 789 669

13. Kiangai Branch

Contact: 0725 789 674

14. Makutano Branch

Location: Mwea Makutano Embu Highway near Makutano Main Market

Contact: 0793 282 203

15. Nairobi Branch

Location: Ground Floor, Mengengai 2 House, River Road

Contact: 0793 282 201

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