List Of Free Circumcision Clinics In Nairobi

This is a list of free circumcision clinics in Nairobi. Circumcision is considered a rite of passage that involves the removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. Almost all hospitals and clinics in Nairobi offer the service at a fee.

Very few clinics offer the service free of charge. Most of the clinics that offer the service at no cost are owned and managed by Eastern Deanery Aids Relief Program (EDARP).

EDARP has since November 2009 provided free and safe voluntary medical male circumcision services across its 14 clinics and recently in selected Nairobi City County Health Centre.

In line with the national objective of the priority age group, EDARP targets to offer voluntary medical male circumcision services to clients aged 15 years and above.

Free Circumcision Clinics In Nairobi

Here is a list of all the 14 EDARP clinics that offer free male circumcision.

1. Fikiria Jamii Clinic- Donholm

Location: Donholm Business Plaza, 4th Floor, Adjacent to Donholm Total Petrol Station.

Contacts: 0722 699 211/ 0716 263 769.

2. Babadogo Clinic

Location: Riverside, Close to Kenafric.

Contact: 0733 742 125.

3. Komarock Clinic

Location: Komarock Phase 2, Opposite New Light Academy.

Contact: 0716 253 482.

4. Donholm Clinic

Location: Next to Tumaini Supermarket.

Contact: 0716 252 824.

5. Huruma Clinic

Location: Huruma Corner.

Contact: 0716 263 724.

6. Kariobangi Clinic

Location: Light Industries, Behind Faulu Bank.

Contact: 0716 263 732.

7. Soweto Clinic

Location: Behind Patanisho Maternity Home.

Contact: 0716 263 250.

8. Mathare Clinic

Location: Mathare 3.

Contact: 0716 263 732.

9. Njiru Clinic

Location: Along Kangundo Road, Next to St Monica Catholic Church.

Contact: 0716 263 325.

10. Ruai Clinic

Location: St Joseph Catholic Church.

Contact: 0716 263 468.

11. Shauri Moyo Clinic

Location: St Joseph Catholic Church.

Contact: 0716 263 736.

12. Dandora St Alice Clinic

Location: Dandora Phase 5, Joy Villa Stage.

Contact: 0716 263 765.

13. Eastleigh St Veronica Clinic

Location: Eastleigh Section 3, Kamus Stage.

Contact: 0716 263 738.

14. Eastleigh St Vincent Clinic

Location: Opposite St Teresa Catholic Church.

Contact: 0716 213 758.

Other Free Circumcision Clinics

15. Dandora II Health Centre

Location: Dandora Area 1, Near Post Office.

16. Babadogo Health Centre

Location: Babadogo Road.

Contact: 020 802 0120.

17. Kibera South Health Centre

Location: Mugumoini.

Contact: 0776 013 510.

18. Kibera DC Dispensary

Location: Makina.

19. Loco Health Centre (Railways)

Contact: 0706 520 100.

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