List of French Beans and Horticultural Exporters in Kenya

There are a lot of horticultural companies that are involved in the export of French beans and other horticultural products in Kenya. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best French beans and horticultural exporters in Kenya.

You are in the right place if you are a French beans grower with no clue on how to export your products, someone about to venture into horticultural farming especially French beans or probably a potential client who needs horticultural products from Kenya. We’ve picked up the best with regard to their commitment to providing exceptional customer service, supply flexibility and market share.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best French beans exporters in Kenya.

1. Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters
Founded in 2004, Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters grows and exports fresh vegetables and fruits in Kenya. This involves growing, packaging and exporting produce all over the world. To ensure that they export quality of products, Kenya Fresh trains and empowers growers contracted by them. This ensures consistency and sustainability all throughout. You can contact them through +254 722 49683 or  +254 716 381413.
Email: ke

2. Homefresh Horticulture Export Limited
Based in Nairobi, Homefresh Horticulture Export Limited is a vegetable and fruit export company. It mainly exports its produce to the UK and European markets. Homefresh also has a Parkhouse situated close to JKIA. You can contact them through +254 22 821074.

3. InterVeg Exports Limited
InterVeg is a fully fledged export company with its office in Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi. They supply over 150 tonnes of horticultural produce monthly. Their products include French beans, snow peas, courgettes, passion fruits, chillies, aubergines and many more. Contact them on +254 20 244 57 56 for more information.

4. VegPro
VegPro is probably the largest producer and exporter of fresh produce from Kenya. Established in the ’80s, VegPro has six farms and has contracted more than 1700 farmers. This ensures a consistent supply of produce all year round. You can contact them through 020 822 831 or 020 822 753

5. Woni Exporters
Woni Exporters was started in 1987 and is currently one of the most admirable horticultural exporters. Apart from training and empowering, contracted farmers enjoy competitive prices paid on a 15-day basis guaranteeing satisfaction and sustained partnership. Reach them through +254 020 714 5205 or Email:

6. Keitt Exporters Limited
Keitt Exporters Limited is located at Keitt Complex, Old Mombasa Road, Nairobi and it is the leading exporter of fruits and vegetables to the Middle East market. You can contact them through +254 20 233 8176.

7. Wamu Investments
Wamu Investments gets its produce from five of its farms located in different regions across Kenya and also contracts farmers upon successful training to supplement production from their farms. They supply inputs on credit to farmers and on reduced prices. You can contact them through +25420 823441.

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