List of Funeral Insurance Cover providers in Kenya

This is a list of funeral insurance cover providers in Kenya. Death is inevitable and the best way to embrace that fact is to prepare for it. Funeral insurance is a product sold to families to cater for the funeral expenses in the event of the death of a family member included in the cover.

Only 4% of Kenyans have some form of funeral insurance cover according to Ipsos. The remaining 96% solely bank on burial committees and contributions from friends.

Funeral costs and expenses are becoming difficult to manage hence a need to make plans ahead of time to help cushion yourself and your loved ones from such costs.

Here is a list of funeral insurance cover providers in Kenya. 

1. APA Insurance – Pumzisha Cover

APA Insurance’s Pumzisha cover helps minimize the financial dent of funeral expenses on the family in the event the policy owner dies. Pumzisha cover allows for the policy owner to include all members of his/her nuclear family.

One can save from as low as Ksh. 250 up to ksh.10,000 per month. Some of the benefits of taking this cover is a lump sum benefit ranging from Ksh. 50,000 – Ksh500,000 in the event of the death of the policy owner. 

Their funeral plan is designed to cover most if not all funeral expenses.

Contact: 0709 912 777


2. Standard Chartered – Farewell Insurance

This insurance covers a maximum of 5 family members with the policy owner being covered for up to Ksh 2,000,000 in the Accidental Death benefit policy cover.

The beneficiaries named on the policy like the spouse and children are also paid up to Ksh55,000 for 12months after the demise of the policy owner. Some other benefits of having this cover are a cashback payment commensurate to 6 of the cover holder’s monthly payments if the policy remains active for 4 years and a waiver benefit past the age of 65 years.

Contacts: +254 20 329 3900, 0703 093 900


3. BritamFariji funeral cover

Britam’s Fariji Funeral cover helps your family to cater for your funeral expenses or even the death of any family member included in the cover hence giving them peace of mind during such hard times.

The cover holder pays premiums throughout their life with benefits like 50% of the cash benefit being paid in under 72hours after notifying Britam through a burial permit and the remaining 50% being released to the beneficiary upon submission of the death certificate. 

The cover holder is also guaranteed a cash benefit and premiums up to when they are 75 years.

Contact: 0705 100 100 

5. Jubilee InsuranceFamily Shield Cover

Jubilee Insurance’s Family Shield Cover helps one pay for the costs associated with your death or even you/your loved ones. Cover holders can get an accidental hospitalization benefit, funeral expense coverage, and even supplementary benefits like monthly allowances. 

Contacts: 0709901000, 0719222111


6. Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Limited – PRUMemorial cover

PRUMemorial cover helps you and your family with carrying the financial burden that comes with the funeral expenses of a family member. You also get the liberty to add your spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law, and any other member of your extended family to this cover. 

Upon the death of the main policyholder or the spouse, the bereaved family will receive a 100% lump sum benefit while the death of a child, parent, or any other family member included in the cover, the family will receive a 50% lump sum of the full benefit.

Contact: +254 719 075 000


7. Liberty Life Assurance Kenya –  Legacy Plan

Just like any funeral insurance cover provider, Liberty offers a Legacy plan which offers financial aid to your family in the event of the death of any member included in the cover. 

What makes it stand out is the fact that it pays out double the sum assured in the event of accidental death of the main cover holder or the spouse and pays 100% of the sum assured if the main holder got impaired accidentally.

You can cover up to six children and up to four parents and enjoy flexible premium options: monthly, quarterly, and annually. 

Contact: +254 711 028 000 / (+254) 20 286 6000


8. Kenindia Assurance – Last Expense Cover 

The last expense cover by Kenindia’s Group life insurance is an employee benefit plan arranged by the employer for the benefit of employees and their family members. It is an annual cover and renewable. It covers the employees in the event of their death and cushions the family of the financial burden.

A specified amount is payable to the Company within 48 hours of notification for onward payment to the next of kin as per the nomination form.

Contacts: +254 (020) 3316099 ,  0111101000/600


9. Capex Life Assurance LimitedMaisha Cover 

Maisha cover offers financial protection to your family in the event of your death or permanent disability. 

It only covers up to five members including a spouse and up to four children and is renewable annually.

Contact: +254 20-2712384 , 0715-140 074


10. Umash Care 

This is a funeral cover from Umash Funeral Home that helps manage the burden of meeting funeral expenses. The cover provides funeral benefits for the main member, spouse, parents, parents-in-law, and up to 4 children. The family has to reside in Kenya.

It has three options:

Comprehensive Cover: Ksh 6,000 per year

  • Cover value 150,000/-
  • Morgue stay up to 14 days
  • Van hearse
  • Standard casket
  • Flower
  • High-resolution portrait
  • Cash benefit of 20,000/- for an additional Ksh 1,500 premium per year

Executive Cover: Ksh 7,500 per year

  • Cover value 250,000/-
  • Morgue stay up to 14 days
  • Landcruiser hearse
  • Mahogany casket
  • Advert on Newspaper
  • Flowers
  • High-resolution portrait
  • Cash benefit of 30,000/- for an additional Ksh 1,500 premium per year

Superior Cover: Ksh 17,200 per year

  • Cover value 500,000/-
  • Morgue stay up to 14 days
  • Mercedes hearse
  • Imported Hardwood casket
  • Advert on Newspaper
  • Flowers
  • High-resolution portrait
  • Cash benefit of 50,000/- for an additional Ksh 1,300 premium per year

Contact: +254 782 444 999


11. KCB Funeral Expense

This policy covers funeral expenses. A specified amount is paid within 48 hours upon notification of death and presenting required documents in respect of the insured persons. The cover is available to individuals, families, and groups. It is available at your nearest KCB branch.


  • The policy is issued for one year and renewable annually (i.e. every 12 months)
  • Premium is payable upfront
  • The minimum premium per policy is Kshs.500
  • The maximum limit per family is Kshs.1,200,000

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